Do you suffer with regular headaches?

A busy lifestyle, stress and too much screen time can all result in a pounding head. But did you know that air pollution can also cause headaches and migraines? Chemicals, VOCs, and other airborne contaminants can cause allergy like symptoms, including headaches.

The Austin Air HealthMate Plus™

Alleviate Chronic Headaches By Removing Airborne Contaminants with The Austin Air HealthMate Plus™

If the air in your home is affecting your health and causing regular headaches, we recommend the Austin Air HealthMate Plus™. Using a combination of Medical Grade HEPA and a unique carbon blend, the Austin Air HealthMate Plus™ effectively removes a wide range of chemicals, VOC’s and other airborne contaminants that can contribute to chronic headaches.

In tests carried out by the Battelle Labs, Austin Air was the only air purifier to effectively remove VOCs from the environment

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Do You Have Radon Gas in Your Home?

Do You Have Radon Gas in Your Home?

Since the arrival of COVID-19, we have all spent much more time at home. This has led to an increased risk of exposure to radon, which is why the Canadian government is advising every household to test their home for radon. What is Radon? As uranium, thorium, and radium break down in the soil, rocks, and water, they create radon gas. Outdoors, radon levels generally remain low as the gas dissipates into the air. Nothing too dangerous about that, you...

Austin vs Molekule vs Blueair vs Air Doctor

Austin vs Molekule vs Blueair vs Air Doctor

We’re often asked how our units compare to other brands, so we’ve put together a comprehensive list of reasons why you should choose Austin Air over other models. Uses CDC, EPA, and WHO Recommended Technology. Since the beginning of the pandemic, a number of air purifying technologies have been promoted, all claiming to either remove or destroy pollutants, including viruses. But guidelines from the EPA, the CDC, and the WHO are clear. HEPA and carbon filters, like those used in...

What Makes a Sunset?

What Makes a Sunset?

Have you ever wondered what makes a sunset? Why does the sky light up with red, orange, and yellow at the end of the day? It's all down to light, how far it has to travel, and how it interacts with molecules in the air. During the day, when the sun is at its highest, light doesn't need to travel far. These shorter wavelengths of light create blue and green colors. But as the sun travels towards the horizon at...

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