Do you suffer with regular headaches?

A busy lifestyle, stress and too much screen time can all result in a pounding head. But did you know that air pollution can also cause headaches and migraines? Chemicals, VOCs, and other airborne contaminants can cause allergy like symptoms, including headaches.

The Austin Air HealthMate Plus™

Alleviate Chronic Headaches By Removing Airborne Contaminants with The Austin Air HealthMate Plus™

If the air in your home is affecting your health and causing regular headaches, we recommend the Austin Air HealthMate Plus™. Using a combination of Medical Grade HEPA and a unique carbon blend, the Austin Air HealthMate Plus™ effectively removes a wide range of chemicals, VOC’s and other airborne contaminants that can contribute to chronic headaches.

In tests carried out by the Battelle Labs, Austin Air was the only air purifier to effectively remove VOCs from the environment

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Using your health insurance to pay for an air purifier

Using your health insurance to pay for an air purifier

Using Your Health Insurance to Pay for An Air Purifier Can you use your health insurance to pay for an air purifier? Air purifiers are not usually covered by health insurance. However, you can use a flexible spending account, or FSA. A FSA can save you considerable cash on eligible medical-related expenditures, procedures, and services that you would typically have to pay for out of pocket — including an Austin Air purifier. Here is what you need to know to...

The Effects of Nearby Farming on Indoor Air Quality

The Effects of Nearby Farming on Indoor Air Quality

We often think that air quality in rural areas is far better than in cities. With fewer vehicles on the road and all that open space, it makes sense that the air is cleaner, right? Wrong.   Sources Of Pollution in Rural Areas Methane from livestock, pesticides, fertilizers, dust, and emissions from farming machinery can all create airborne pollutants, often many miles from the site of the activity. This can have significant implications for local residents, as these contaminants find...

Father’s Day

Father’s Day

With Father’s Day fast approaching, this week, we take a look at men’s health, including how well they sleep, how much they snore, and what allergies they have. Shut Up!! If you’ve spent time in the vicinity of a loud snorer, you’ll know how frustrating it is. Although studies show that more than half of us will snore at some point in our lives, overall, snoring is more common in men, with around 40% of adult men considered habitual snorers....

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