Are you worried about chemicals, gases, and VOCs in your home?
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Cleaning products, furnishing, paint, and flooring can all emit dangerous chemicals, gases and VOCs into the environment. Often odorless or masked by other more pleasant odors, they cause allergy flare-ups and exacerbate existing conditions. Some VOCs, such as formaldehyde, are known carcinogens linked to cancer.

The Austin Air HealthMate® Plus

The Austin Air HealthMate® Plus removes the widest range of chemicals, gases and VOCs in your home.

If you’re concerned about chemicals, gases and VOCs in your home, the Austin Air HealthMate®Plus with its broad-spectrum adsorption is our recommended air purifier. Using a combination of Medical Grade HEPA and a unique carbon blend, the Austin Air HealthMate®Plus will effectively remove a wide range of chemicals, VOCs, and other airborne contaminants.

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Women’s History Spotlight: Dr. Doris J. Rapp

Women’s History Spotlight: Dr. Doris J. Rapp

March 1st marks the beginning of Women's History Month, a time dedicated to recognizing the contributions, achievements, and resilience of women throughout history. As a women-led business, Austin Air proudly joins the global community in honoring this special month.  One way to celebrate Women’s History Month is to amplify women who have made a positive impact and we’d like to share the story of Dr. Doris J. Rapp, M.D., F.A.A.A., F.A.A.P.  Dr. Rapp was affectionately known to her colleagues as...

Air Quality Issues in Winter

Air Quality Issues in Winter

During the past few weeks, most of the United States and parts of Canada have been hammered with brutal winter weather. This has included blinding snow and blizzards in some regions, freezing rain in other areas, and bitterly cold temperatures in areas that aren’t equipped for such extremes.1 Some of this is standard for the Northeast but it’s not the norm in hard-hit places like the Pacific Northwest or the South.  This isn’t a fluke, we can count on more...

Everyday Toxins Affect Your Weight and Immune System

Everyday Toxins Affect Your Weight and Immune System

Are you struggling with your weight despite eating healthy and exercising? Or do you constantly find yourself under the weather, first to catch whatever is going around? The reason could be the everyday toxins you’re being exposed to – through the air you breathe, the food you eat, and everyday items you use. There is increasingly more research that shows there is a connection between environmental toxins and our health. Two of the most startling impacts of environmental toxins include...

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