Let’s face it…. the office is not always our favorite place to be. We spend literally years of our life there. What happens at work has a huge effect on our physical and mental wellbeing.

In short, our work environment matters.

Offices, particularly new buildings, are sealed tight to ensure maximum energy efficiency. Air conditioning is used as standard and very little outside air is allowed in. The result? Stuffy airless spaces that do little to boost our productivity or our wellbeing. One recent study from the UK found that workers were able to work up to 60% faster when CO2 levels were lower. No surprise when you consider high levels of CO2 can cause drowsiness, headaches, sleepiness, poor concentration, loss of attention, increased heart rate and nausea.

Businesses are constantly looking at ways to gain the competitive advantage. Too often, working conditions are overlooked. The results of this latest study clearly show, clean air, free from pollutants, is absolutely vital if we are to perform at our best. If businesses are to lead in their field, they need to step up. They need to create a healthy working environment. And that starts with ensuring the air is clean, safe and free from pollutants.

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