Are you Concerned About Ways to Combat Common Viruses?

We now know the main method of transmission for common viruses including the common cold, the flu, and COVID-19 is airborne. When we come into contact with an infected person, they release the virus into the surrounding environment, and the higher the number of viral particles in the air, the greater our risk of infection.

The Austin Air Bedroom Machine™

The Austin Air Bedroom Machine™ captures and destroys airborne viruses.

From the common cold, to more extraordinary viruses like COVID-19, we've got you covered. According to the CDC, WHO, and EPA air purifiers using HEPA and Carbon are the safest and most effective solution for minimizing the spread of viruses in indoor spaces.

If COVID-19 is your main concern, we recommend the Austin Air Bedroom Machine™. The Medical Grade HEPA technology used in all our models effectively removes 99% of airborne viruses; however, the Austin Air Bedroom Machine™ has an extra level of protection against COVID-19, as the HEGA carbon cloth also captures and destroys airborne viruses. 

You may also want to consider the Austin Air HealthMate™ and HealthMate Plus™; both models use HEPA technology and are highly effective at removing airborne viruses and bacteria, as well as other airborne contaminants.

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The Effects of Nearby Farming on Indoor Air Quality

The Effects of Nearby Farming on Indoor Air Quality

We often think that air quality in rural areas is far better than in cities. With fewer vehicles on the road and all that open space, it makes sense that the air is cleaner, right? Wrong.   Sources Of Pollution in Rural Areas Methane from livestock, pesticides, fertilizers, dust, and emissions from farming machinery can all create airborne pollutants, often many miles from the site of the activity. This can have significant implications for local residents, as these contaminants find...

Pittsburgh Gets an ‘F’ For Air Pollution

Pittsburgh Gets an ‘F’ For Air Pollution

According to the American Lung Association, the Pittsburgh region has some of the worst air pollution levels in the country. Despite some improvements in recent years, cars, local power plants, and heavy industry, such as the US Steel's Clairton Coke Works in the Mon Valley, are still spewing out a wide range of airborne contaminants. In fact, the county's air quality monitor, close to the Clairton Plant, has the highest recorded soot readings east of the Rockies. There is no...

What Makes a Sunset?

What Makes a Sunset?

Have you ever wondered what makes a sunset? Why does the sky light up with red, orange, and yellow at the end of the day? It's all down to light, how far it has to travel, and how it interacts with molecules in the air. During the day, when the sun is at its highest, light doesn't need to travel far. These shorter wavelengths of light create blue and green colors. But as the sun travels towards the horizon at...

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