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 Choose The Austin Air Purifier That's Right For You

Health and Wellness

The Austin Healthmate was the first air purifier to use medical grade HEPA and is still our most popular unit today

Allergies and Asthma

Our Allergy Machine air purifiers are excellent at removing airborne allergens and mold spores in damp environments

Wildfires and VOC’s

Our HealthMate Plus air purifiers remove the widest range of airborne pollutants, including chemicals, smoke and VOC’s

Pet Dander and Odors

Our Pet Machine is the best choice for those wanting to remove pet dander and animal odors from the home

Sleep Issues and COPD

The Austin Air Bedroom Machine, with its 5 stage filtration system is the most comprehensive air purifier in our product line

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Featured Products

The Bedroom Machine

The Austin Air Bedroom Machine, with its 5 stages of filtration, is the most extensive air purifier in our line. The military grade carbon cloth is exceptional at removing gases and particles from the air. Designed to help those with various sleep related problems, the Bedroom Machine offers the ultimate protection from indoor air pollution.

Austin Air HealthMate HM400

Originally developed in 1990, the Austin Air Healthmate was the first residential air purifier to use true medical grade HEPA and activated carbon. The Austin Air Healthmate protects against everyday pollutants including dust, pollen, chemicals, gases and odors. With its classic design, it is still our most popular air purifier today.