With our busy lifestyles, rushing around and constantly on the go, it’s no surprise that many of us suffer from regular headaches. Lots of noise, stressful situations, too much time looking at our screens and unhealthy sleep patterns can all result in a pounding head. But did you know that air pollution can also cause headaches and migraines?

According to research carried out by Harvard Medical School, the severity of a headache and how frequently it occurs, is linked to exposure to lead, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter and sulfur dioxide. That’s a noxious mix of chemicals we’re exposed to on a regular basis. It’s no wonder some people suffer from headaches that are so severe, they have to be hospitalized.

So what can you do to improve your health and protect yourself from pollutants in the air? It’s simple, when outdoor air quality is bad, stay inside with your windows and doors shut. Use a high grade HEPA air cleaner to keep the air indoors as clean as it can be. From the everyday pollutants such as dust and pollen to the more severe chemicals and gases, our range of air cleaners will remove all airborne contaminants. Visit our products page to find the right HEPA air cleaner for you.