Is The Air You Breathe Affecting Your Beauty Regime?

Research shows that airborne pollutants are a major cause of skin damage and can lead to premature skin aging, inflammation, discoloration, acne, dryness, enlarged pores, allergic reactions, and even skin cancer. 

The Austin Air Healthmate Plus™

The Austin Air Healthmate Plus™ For Healthy, Glowing Skin.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your beauty regime, we recommend the Austin Air HealthMate Plus™. Developed to remove the widest range of pollutants, the Austin Air HealthMate Plus™ cleans the air of allergens, viruses, and bacteria, as well as the chemicals and VOCs that can do the most damage to your skin.

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How the Air You Breathe Affects Your Beauty

How the Air You Breathe Affects Your Beauty

Imagine if all you had to do was click your ruby slippers together and you suddenly had soft, glowing skin like Dorothy. Unfortunately, that’s fantasy. The reality is many have gone to great lengths (at great costs) to treat loose, wrinkled skin and eliminate dark, puffy bags beneath the eyes. Some have done everything shy of consulting a wizard. Lasers, injections, and fillers – oh my! Lotions, and serums, and cleansers – oh my! But what if you could drastically...

Protect Your Health with Austin Air

Protect Your Health with Austin Air

There is growing evidence to suggest that indoor air pollution affects all aspects of our health. From the time we are born, all the way through our lives. Perhaps you’re thinking about starting a family? Maybe you’re enjoying your golden years? Or it could be you’re looking to improve your overall health and wellbeing. Wherever you are in life, the pollutants in your home are affecting your health, in ways you may not realize. Protection at birth and before. Are...

It’s Time to Make Clean Air Part of Your Beauty Regime

It’s Time to Make Clean Air Part of Your Beauty Regime

You religiously cleanse, tone and moisturize. You regularly exfoliate, apply face packs and face scrubs. You drink plenty of water, you have lots of early nights and you watch your diet. And no matter what time it is, you NEVER go to bed with your makeup on. In short, you take your beauty regime very seriously. But have you ever stopped to think about how the air around you could be affecting your skin? For years we have talked about...

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