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Reduce Exposure to New COVID-19 Strains

Since the pandemic's start, the COVID-19 virus has mutated to adapt and survive, creating new variants of the disease. Some of these are even more contagious and deadly.

For example, the Alpha variant is 50% more contagious than the original virus. The Delta variant is said to be 50% more contagious than the Alpha variant.

There’s also the Delta Plus variant, a “subvariant” of Delta. According to CBS News, the Delta Plus variant can attack lung cells more aggressively than other versions. And it can better escape vaccines as well.

In November 2021, a new variant was reported to the World Health Organization (WHO): the Omicron variant. Omicron BA.5 is now the most dominant strain of the virus in the U.S.

The One Thing All COVID Variants Have in Common

Keeping track of new variants and their differing infection rates is enough to make your head spin. But there's one thing they all have in common: size. 

Each variant of the COVID-19 virus is still .125 microns in size. That means it’s possible to reduce exposure to airborne particles by using an air purifier. But not just “any” air purifier. This is extremely important...

According to an extensive review carried out by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), air purifiers using a combination of HEPA and carbon are the most effective.  However, the report also noted that a significant amount of HEPA and carbon must be used for efficacy.

Protect Against COVID-19 with Austin Air Purifiers 

Best Air Purifier for COVID: 2 Reasons Why

Reason 1:

Austin Air uses a combination of activated carbon and Medical-Grade HEPA in its filters, which has been proven to remove up to 99% of all airborne contaminants as small as 0.1 microns. In fact, Austin uses up to 15 pounds of carbon and 60 square feet of HEPA. No one else in the industry comes close.

Reason 2:

The Austin Air Bedroom Machine has an extra level of protection against COVID-19, with a HEGA carbon cloth. A 2009 third-party study performed by the Health Protection Agency in the U.K. tested a surrogate virus that was 23-28 nm in diameter (smaller than the COVID-19 virus) and found the activated carbon cloth both captured and deactivated the virus.

IMPORTANT: Consider Viral Load

We now know the primary method of transmission for COVID-19 is airborne. That means an infected person releases the virus into the environment through aerosol droplets when they exhale. If a healthy person inhales those particles, they could become infected as well. The number of viral particles may determine how sick that person becomes. Exposure to a large number of particles is considered a high viral load. A high viral load can overwhelm the immune system and increase your chances of severe illness.

Reducing the Viral Load

With an Austin Air purifier, you reduce the number of virus particles circulating in the air, which will reduce how much of the virus you're exposed to. This could help lessen your risk of severe infection, as lowering the viral load in the environment gives the immune system a better chance of fighting the virus.

However, it's important to mention that the virus can also spread via surfaces and human contact in addition to airborne transmission. Therefore, it's vital we regularly wash our hands.

Protect Against Long COVID

Some people are suffering from "long COVID." That means they have symptoms of COVID-19 long after the infection has subsided. According to the World Health Organization, long COVID is defined as:

“…usually 3 months from the onset of Covid-19 with symptoms that last for at least 2 months and cannot be explained by an alternative diagnosis.”

Fatigue, sleep problems, and trouble breathing are just a few of the symptoms of long COVID.

Early research suggests long COVID affects between 10 and 30% of people who contract the virus.

Long COVID can affect anyone who recently contracted COVID-19, even if their symptoms were mild.

With an Austin Air purifier, you protect yourself and your family by removing airborne viral particles in the first place.

The Austin Air Bedroom Machine™

The Bedroom Machine

Austin Air purifiers use a combination of both activated carbon and Medical-Grade HEPA in our filters, which is proven to remove up to 99% of all airborne contaminants as small as 0.1 microns. And remember, the COVID-19 virus is .125 microns in size.

​Also, Austin uses up to 15 pounds of carbon and 60 square feet of HEPA in our filters. No one else in the industry comes close. What’s more, the Austin Air Bedroom Machine is built with an extra level of protection against COVID-19: a HEGA carbon cloth. This, too, captures and destroys airborne viruses.

​So, regardless of which COVID-19 variant is the biggest threat, an Austin Air purifier can effectively clean the air, reduce exposure to airborne particles, and help keep your family safe.

Which Unit Should I Buy?

If COVID-19 is your main concern, we recommend the Austin Air Bedroom Machine for ultimate protection. This machine uses medical-grade HEPA technology that has been found to remove 99% of airborne viruses as small as 0.1 microns, as well as everyday pollutants such as dust, dander, and allergens. Not only that... the Austin Air Bedroom Machine has an extra level of protection against COVID-19, as the HEGA carbon cloth has been found to capture and destroy airborne viruses.

Other options

You may also want to consider the Austin Air HealthMate or the HealthMate Plus. Both models use HEPA technology and have been found to be highly effective at removing bacteria and airborne viruses, and other airborne allergens. The carbon blend in the HealthMate Plus model is also unrivaled in its ability to remove chemicals and VOCs.

Our Commitment to Service

We remain fully committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure our customers have the best defense against airborne viruses to keep you and your family healthy. As part of this commitment, we have extended our production and shipping hours to meet increased demand. If you order directly with us online before 1 pm EST, we strive to ship most orders from our site in Buffalo, New York, on the same day. Your order will be delivered to you via Federal Express ground shipping unless otherwise specified on your order. We greatly appreciate your patience during this time.

How to Pay for Your Austin Air Unit Using Your Flexible Spending Account

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