Are airborne pollutants a contributing cause of Autism?

There have been considerable advances in our understanding of Autism in recent years, but there is still a lot to learn, particularly around the causes. There is growing evidence to suggest that a mother’s exposure to air pollution when pregnant can increase risk. Air pollution affects our brain chemistry, which can lead to oxidative stress and inflammation. This change in the brain has been linked to Autism and other neurological conditions.

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World Autism Awareness Day 2020

World Autism Awareness Day 2020

Be kind!! The 13th annual World Autism Day, hosted by Autism Speaks, will take place tomorrow, Thursday April 2. As part of this year’s focus, Autism Speaks are encouraging people everywhere to take the #KindnessChallenge.  And right now, this message seems more relevant than ever.   Help others when you can As the world faces an unprecedented challenge, it is vital that we all work together, to stop the spread of COVID-19. That means resisting the urge to bulk buy...

The dangers of air pollution for our children

The dangers of air pollution for our children

There have been a number of studies published in recent years, confirming a link between air pollution and poor mental health. Up until now, much of the focus has been on adults. However, a new study from the country’s leading children’s hospital has been looking at how air quality affects the mental health of our children too. Pollution linked to depression and anxiety in children The team from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital looked at data from 6,800 children over a 5-year...

April Is World Autism Month

April Is World Autism Month

This month is World Autism Month. Hosted by Autism Speaks, the aim is to increase understanding and acceptance of the condition. For people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) there isn’t one set pattern of behaviour but rather a broad range of character traits. As people, we are all different and the same applies to people with Autism. People with Autism often struggle with social situations. They may show signs of repetitive behaviour. They may have difficulty with speech or non-verbal...

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