Hurry! Funding for clean air in schools is expiring soon

Why Choose Austin Air for School?

Austin Air is the only clinically proven air purifier.
We use CDC, WHO, and EPA recommended technology.
We capture 99% of virus particles.*
Our filters last up to five years before needing to be replaced.
We’ve outperformed more than 100 other purifiers in government tests.
Our products are hand-crafted in America.

*Larger than .1 microns

Reduce Airborne Transmission

Austin Air uses a combination of both activated carbon and Medical Grade HEPA technology in its filters, which has been proven to remove up to 99% of all airborne contaminants as small as 0.1 microns.

Some Austin purifiers have an extra level of protection not found in any other air purifier. These Austin units also contain a HEGA carbon cloth. A 2009 third-party study performed by the Health Protection Agency in the U.K. used a surrogate virus for testing that was 23-28 nm in diameter (smaller than the COVID-19 virus) and found that this activated carbon cloth not only captured the virus but also deactivated it.

We Are Clinically Proven!

Our air purifiers are clinically proven! We’ve partnered with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, the American Academy of Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University, and others to conduct clinical trials on our air purifiers. That means we can prove that our products provide cleaner air for students and staff! Who else can say that?

Clean Air Boosts a Child’s Academic Performance!

Studies also show that as well as offering protection against Covid-19, effective air filtration can also help to boost a child’s performance at school. In 2016, shortly after the Aliso Canyon gas leak, a number of air purifiers were installed in classrooms close to the disaster. After just a few months, children’s test results in Math and English improved significantly, in the same way, they would have if class sizes were reduced by a third.

Use Funding to Purchase Air Purifiers!

Schools are using ELC funding from the CDC to purchase air purifiers for classrooms. Yes, that’s right. Funding. These funds were made available through an “opt-out” grant – and many did not “opt-out.”  So how much did your state/area get? Find out here. Or talk to your County Department of Health. But, you better hurry! Funds must be used soon

Also, the American Rescue Plan act provided $122 billion for the Elementary and Secondary Schools Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund to help schools prevent the spread of COVID-19 and recover from its effects. What’s more, the Biden administration unveiled the “National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan” that includes $130 billion available for schools to help finance air quality upgrades. Additionally, $2.75 billion is available through the American Rescue Plan’s Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools (ARP EANS) program. 

Technology Recommended by the CDC, WHO, and EPA!

Advice from the CDC, WHO, and EPA is clear: to minimize the spread of airborne viruses like Covid-19, in indoor spaces, portable HEPA air purifiers are recommended. In fact, an extensive review by the EPA concluded the combination of HEPA and Carbon is the safest and most effective solution.

Purifiers that use UV lights, Ionization, and PCO technology are not ideal because they can produce dangerous byproducts that are then emitted into the air. Unfortunately, many schools have already wasted millions of dollars on these unfit technologies.

We have a solution that follows all CDC, WHO, and EPA Recommendations. Austin Air purifiers are the only air purification system on the market that uses Medical Grade HEPA, Activated Carbon, and Zeolite to remove up to 99.97% of airborne allergens and odors.


Thousands of Austins Deployed in Schools and Daycares in East Boston

Mothers Out Front East Boston, East Boston Social Centers, and Air Partners were awarded a $51,000 Clean Air Grant from the city of Boston to purchase Austin Air purifiers. Mothers Out Front have been lobbying to put HEPA air purifiers in every school, home, and daycare in East Boston.


One New York county used ELC funds for 11,000 Austin Air purifiers!

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz purchased Austin Air purifiers to improve the air quality in New York classrooms and to protect students and staff against COVID-19. The county executive used funds to buy air purifiers for public, private, and charter school classrooms across the county.


Toronto School district chose Austin Air to protect 1 million school children and staff!

After reviewing hundreds of air purifiers, the Toronto District School Board deployed Austin Air air purifiers to schools across Ontario. A few months later, Covid-19 case numbers in Ontario began to decline especially among 5-11-year-olds. So far, we have supplied over 40,000 units to schools in Canada.

It's Not Just Viruses Lurking In Schools!


Classrooms have little or no ventilation, and so viruses and bacteria accumulate without a way to escape. Other airborne contaminants in the classroom include harmful chemicals and fumes from adhesives, paint, science experiments, and harsh cleaners.

Faculty Lounge Area

The faculty lounge, where teachers and staff spend time in close proximity, often eating without masks, means effective air filtration is a must.

Library & common areas

Noxious fumes from printers and photocopiers, as well as dust, bacteria, and viruses, are common pollutants found in school libraries and common areas.


School restrooms are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and odors. Effective air filtration helps remove odors and other airborne contaminants, creating a clean, safe space for students, teachers, and staff.


A busy cafeteria, where large groups of students and staff spend time together, eating without masks, can be a high-risk environment for the transmission of COVID-19 and other viruses. Other contaminants in the cafeteria include NO2 from gas appliances and chemicals and VOCs from cleaning products.

Nurse's room

Perhaps the most dangerous space in the school, without effective air filtration, is the nurse’s room. This is an extremely high-risk environment for viral and bacterial transmission.

pollution from the street

If your school is close to a busy road or the school parking lot, toxic emissions from the school bus and other vehicles can find their way indoors. Without effective air filtration, these chemicals and gases can have a serious impact on the health of students and staff.

Testimonials: The Impact of Austin Air in the Classroom!

A Doctor Explains "Sick School Syndrome." 

Handcrafted in America

Today, Austin Air remains the original maker of high-end filtration systems. Sold in more than 100 countries, we maintain the largest air cleaner manufacturing facility in the world, at 480,000 square feet. The company is proud to assemble everything in-house in Buffalo, New York.

What’s more, Austin Air outperformed more than 100 other air purifiers in government tests. Because of this, FEMA and the American Red Cross chose Austin during some of America’s most challenging times, including 9-11, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, and the 2015 SoCal gas leak in California.

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Austin Air Helps Protect the Children of Erie County

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Is your school wasting their covid relief funding?

Is your school wasting their covid relief funding?

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