Smoke, wildfires and masks. What you need to know

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We’re all well aware of the dangers of smoking and being exposed to second-hand smoke. As responsible parents, we wouldn’t dream of exposing our children to tobacco smoke. But do we recoil in horror at the thought of our children
The past year has put air quality in the spotlight like never before. We now know the main method of transmission for Covid-19 is airborne. Who and what we share the air with has never been more important. Which is
This week, we take a look at how you can use your health insurance or FSA to cover the cost of your Austin Air Purifier. Check with your healthcare provider There are various ways to cover the cost of your
The health risks associated with smoke from wildfires are often serious. As well as burning eyes and runny nose, wildfire smoke can aggravate heart and lung conditions and even cause premature death. But recent studies from the University of California
In a bid to keep students and teachers safe, a number of scientists have come together to write an open letter to schools, asking them to beware of the electronic or ionizer air cleaners, currently being promoted as a solution
The scientific community is still very much finding its way with Covid-19, but despite this, a few studies have been carried out, to give us some insight on how the virus is transmitted when it is airborne. What is ‘indirect