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As the world tries to stop the spread of COVID-19, there is no doubt, we are all going through difficult times. Our hearts go out to those who have lost family and friends. Even those of us who haven’t been touched by the virus are experiencing loneliness, financial uncertainty and anxiety. As we look forward, to a post pandemic world, what lessons can be learned from these last few weeks and months? Falling pollution levels
Are you struggling to control your asthma symptoms? Perhaps your child has asthma and you want to reduce the risk of an asthma attack. Whatever the reason, our air purifiers are clinically proven to alleviate asthma symptoms and improve your respiratory health. As part of a clinical trial we worked with the country’s leading children’s hospital in Cincinnati. The results of the trial show that running an Austin Air Purifier helps to improve symptoms of
It is clear the current global pandemic will change many aspects of our lives, long after this first phase is over. This week, we take a look at how this year’s wildfire season will be affected.   Lack of preparation could have catastrophic consequences The US Forest Service, an organization that manages more than 50% of California’s woodland, has recently announced it is suspending all future prescribed burns, due to current COVID-19 restrictions. Other activities
Do you have an allergy to dust? Perhaps the never-ending battle to keep dust to a minimum in your home is wearing you out? And now that we’re all spending a lot more time at home, more household traffic means more dust. What is dust? Have you ever stopped to think, what exactly is dust? The answer is pretty scary. Dirt, bacteria, pollen, animal dander, human hair, mold, decomposing insects, fibers, dryer lint, insulation, dust
In recent months there has been a huge amount of research surrounding COVID-19. Where did it start? What are the symptoms? And why do some people shake it off and others go on to develop more serious complications? Age and underlying health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and respiratory disease can all affect outcome. However there are also a growing number of studies that point to our environment. Specifically the quality of air we
As COVID-19 continues to spread at an alarming rate, we are all concerned about contracting it and developing complications that could make us seriously ill or worse. For the vast majority of the population, symptoms of COVID -19 will be mild with a dry persistent cough and a fever. Only a small percentage of people go on to develop more serious complications, such as NCIP, a specific type of pneumonia associated with the virus. So