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As wildfires rage, one customer shares her story

As the Decker wildfire in Colorado continues to blaze, one Austin Air customer tells us how her Austin Air HealthMate Plus keeps the air in her home clean, safe and smoke free. ‘’We are very thankful for our heavy duty Austin Air Healthmate Plus air purifiers. There was a HUGE cloud – of what was […]

Is the classroom making your child sick?

As the new school year gets underway, now seems like a good time to talk about the importance of clean air in the classroom. How does it affect a child’s performance? Their attendance records? And their overall school experience? Children are particularly vulnerable when it comes to airborne pollutants. They breathe faster than we do. […]

The Only Clinically Proven Medical Grade Air Purifier

Our involvement in clinical trials started in 2001 when we were selected by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the country’s number one children’s hospital, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, to take part in a clinical trial. The aim of the study was to measure how an Austin Air Purifier could help to reduce children’s asthma symptoms […]

Scientific air quality study moves to next phase!

We have some exciting news to share this week!! Austin Air Purifiers have been chosen to take part in another study. This time we will be working with the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, the East Boston Social Centers, AIRInc and Blue Cross Shield, as they use a number of Austin Air HealthMates to […]

Allergies, a few things to watch out for this fall.

When we think of allergy season, we tend to think of spring and early summer. That’s the time when most grasses and flowers pollinate, causing havoc for people with allergies. But fall allergies can be just as bad, particularly for people with allergies to ragweed and mold. Ragweed is part of the daisy family. Its […]

Loss of vision linked to air pollution

Our research into the dangers associated with air pollution has uncovered some pretty dramatic findings over the years. But this latest study, from a team at the China Medical University in Taiwan, has to be up there as one of the most astonishing facts we have come across. The research team looked at the health […]

Smoke from wildfires used to study effects of nuclear war

Recent wildfires in the US gave scientists their first opportunity to test what’s known as the ‘Nuclear Winter Theory’. The Nuclear Winter Theory is a term used to describe weather conditions after a nuclear war. A nuclear explosion would create enough smoke to block sunlight, lower the earths temperature, change global weather and eventually cause […]

Protect yourself from air pollution this summer

Until recently, great strides had been made to clean up the air in our cities. The 1970 Clean Air Act was key to improving air quality and reducing pollutants. However, according to the EPA, over the last few years, the number of unhealthy air days has started to creep up. Summertime is particularly problematic. Dust […]