Since the beginning of the pandemic, schools have worked tirelessly to put measures in place to keep students and teachers safe. But without clear guidance and fake claims from a number of so-called air cleaning companies, schools across the country spent millions of their covid relief budget on air purifiers that were not fit for purpose.

Schools waste millions of dollars on untested technology

One such story involved the Sacramento City Unified School District, where thousands of unused air purifiers sat in shipping containers, amidst concerns that they could potentially release dangerous pollutants into the classroom.

According to an investigation carried out by KHN, over 2,000 schools across 44 states, installed air-purifying technology such as ionizers, that as yet remain untested in real life situations.

NYC Schools left unprotected

In another independent investigation, this time by WNYC/Gothamist, it has come to light that a lobbying campaign, targeting a broad set of senior officials, including Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration, resulted in a number of ineffective, non-HEPA units being purchased at rock bottom prices. The start-up, Delos Living, along with its partner company, Intellipure, sold 157,000 air purifiers to the city of New York, despite the fact that the units did not offer sufficient protection.

The WYNC/Gothamist report goes on to say that if the city had spent their budget on the three times more powerful Austin Air HealthMates, they could have purchased 68,000 HealthMates, enough to cover every classroom in New York, and still have 10,000 units spare!

CDC and the EPA promotes the use of HEPA

Advice from the CDC and the EPA is clear, in order to minimize the spread of Covid-19 in indoor spaces, the use of portable HEPA air purifiers is recommended. This guidance is also followed by the US Department of Education, to reduce risks in schools, colleges and universities.

“HEPA filters can reduce exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19, particularly in combination with universal and correct mask wearing”

HEPA is the safest and most effective solution in the fight against Covid-19

There is no doubt, over the past 18 months, schools have had to overcome huge challenges, often with little or no guidance. Afterall, this is the first time any of us have faced a global pandemic. But as we head into a second Covid winter, the advice is clear, always choose HEPA.

High efficiency Medical Grade HEPA filters used in combination with carbon, are the only proven technology that offers a safe and effective solution in the fight against Covid-19.

Austin Air, technology you can trust

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