This week, we want to give a big shout-out to some fantastic community projects that we’re proud to be a part of.

Former Buffalo Bills Andre Reed Unveils His Most Recent Project

One of the sporting greats, former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Andre Reed, unveiled his latest project here in Buffalo. The remodeled Literacy Corner at the new Boys and Girls Club at Sheridan Parkside School will give local children a safe, quiet space to help them learn and grow.

The Read with Reed Project

Austin Air is a proud sponsor of the “Read with Reed” project, one of many projects organized by “The Andre Reed Foundation” that encourages underprivileged children to reach their full potential and become responsible contributors in their community.

Supporting Boys and Girls Clubs in six NFL cities, the Read with Reed Project asks children to read for at least thirty minutes every day. Andre knows that reading is a way out, as it boosts a child’s chances of graduating and ultimately their success in life, particularly for children living in inner cities.

“It’s my new legacy and commitment to kids like me to make reading cool again by using pro athletes and the game of football…”

And to ensure the air is as clean as it can be for the staff and children at Sheridan Parkside School, they’ll be running an Austin Air HealthMate Plus, for the safe removal of chemicals, VOC’s, viruses and bacteria.

East Boston Moms Cleaning Up the Air!

Another great project comes from our friends at Mothers Out Front in East Boston.

We started our work in East Boston back in 2019, when Austin Air partnered with the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, the East Boston Social Centers, AIRInc, and Blue Cross Blue Shield, as they installed a number of Austin Air HealthMates to improve air quality near to the airport in East Boston.

Air and noise pollution have been a major concern in East Boston for some time due to the close proximity of Logan Airport. To help combat the problem, Austin Air HealthMates were installed in 50 homes, 95 classrooms, and many East Boston Social Centers in order to remove both VOCs and ultrafine particles from the air.

Thousands of Austins Going to Schools and Daycares in East Boston

Mothers Out Front East Boston, East Boston Social Centers, and Air Partners were awarded a $51,000 Clean Air Grant from the city of Boston to purchase Austin Air Purifiers for the East Boston Home Daycare Air Purification project.

For the past two years, Mothers Out Front have been lobbying to put HEPA air purifiers in every school, home, and daycare in East Boston, to combat the air pollutants that lead to a wide array of respiratory diseases. This latest Clean Air Grant is a testament to all the hard work carried out by founder Sonja Tenglad and all the other Eastie moms!! Well done, ladies!!

If you’d like more info on the air purifiers used by the Andre Reed Foundation and the Mothers Out Front movement, click HERE.

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