Safer, Cleaner Air in Schools

Since 2020, it’s been a popular topic of conversation (among both adults and teens). It’s the topic of respiratory health. Why is clean air important for healthy lungs? What are some things that can negatively impact air quality? What changes can students make to start breathing better?

In this fun, pre-recorded video, the beloved and charismatic DJ Milk tackles a serious topic and challenges middle and high school students to get healthier and see air differently.

Featuring interviews with medical doctors and popular professional athletes such as Von Miller, Jordan Poyer, Griffin Jax, Zack Moss, and Heather Mitts. 

This school assembly covers topics such as: 

Being active instead of sedentary
How vaping can destroy your health
The main causes of indoor air pollution
How to keep your immune system strong

a recap of our most recent assembly

" The adults are all complementing you guys for the message for the assembly. The content was extremely appropriate for our students and our community. I can’t thank you enough for what will be a once in a life time experience for 150 kids! "

-McCall Emerick, 6th grade science teacher at Acmetonia School in Chestwick, PA

Three Ways to Attend the Assembly

1. Stream the full-length virtual assembly to your school auditorium today!

2. Download it as four short, health class lessons. This option includes downloadable supplemental worksheets and teacher aids for continued discussion.

3. Book a LIVE appearance with DJ Milk!

Or, if you partner with Austin Air by deploying Austin Air purifiers in your school, you’ll get the “See Air Differently” Assembly/Curriculum at no cost! It’s our way of saying thank you for your commitment and dedication to clean air education. 

Speak to a representative about deploying Austin Air! Call (800) 724-8403 today. You can also email us at

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