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Improve Air Quality – Remove Formaldehyde with the HealthMate Plus

Formaldehyde seriously impacts air quality. It is a chemically based gas which can be found indoors and outdoors. The sources of these gases come from naturally occurring processes and from manufactured products. Formaldehyde exposes us to an increased risk for respiratory ailments, nausea and other health concerns. In worse-case circumstances, heavy concentrations of formaldehyde can […]

The HEPA Filter – The Cornerstone of the Austin Air Purifier

What is a HEPA filter? Why do they always come up when researching Austin Air Purifiers and Austin Air filters? Well, the history of the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arresting) is very interesting. A little-known historical fact is that the original HEPA filter was first designed back in the 1940s.  The HEPA filter was placed in the Manhattan Project […]

Allergy relief with the Austin Air Allergy Machine

Finding allergy relief can be as simple as using a high quality Austin Air Allergy Machine that utilizes a specific Austin Air Filter along with the following a few guidelines for managing the source of allergies. Austin Air allergy filters combined with good housecleaning and possibly allergy medications or allergy treatment will reduce and in some cases eliminate […]

The Allergy Machine and the Biological Indoor Air Invasion

Living things and their by-products produce biological air invaders which degrade air quality. Hot and moist places are perfect environments for this contamination to grow. They are all around us: the soil near our homes, our pets and animals, bugs, plants, fungi, viruses and bacteria. Asthma and allergy-prone are at a high health risk when […]

Removing Pet Odors, Allergens and Dander with Austin Air

Our pets fill our lives with joy and companionship; however, they also bring odors, allergens, and dander into our homes. Wondering which Austin Air Purifier is effective in reducing or eliminating pet allergies or dander allergies such as cat allergies and dog allergies? Click the link to read this archived post from Austin Air.

Prevent Pet Allergies with the Pet Machine

Pets are one of the leading causes of allergies. Our pets produce dander, saliva and urine which contain a protein. Dander is the flaking from the skin of your pet that sticks to the pet’s hair. As these pet byproducts dry, they become airborne and reduce the indoor air quality. They cause the allergic reactions […]

Purifying the Toxis Pollution in Your Baby’s Nursery

In the earliest stages of our children’s lives they are the most vulnerable to air pollution, particularly contaminates contained in their nursery. These pollutions come from many sources, are dangerous and can easily get your child sick. In some cases, when pollution levels are excessively high and prolonged, there can be long-term negative health impacts. […]

Nursery Air Purifiers Clean the Air in a Baby’s Room

How do I reduce indoor air pollution in a child’s bedroom? Can you begin air pollution control to reduce allergies and air irritants? Can I have clean air in our baby’s room? These questions can be addressed with good cleaning habits, choices we make on household goods and high-quality Austin Air Purifiers. With houses so tightly […]

Air Pollution Effects on our Children

 At AFP –, we investigate the impact of polluted air on our society, and especially the air pollution effects on our children. There has been some recent work on just how pollution impacts our children. As you are likely aware, as healthy children develop, their lungs grow along with the body. The most development occurs during […]