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With our busy lifestyles, rushing around and constantly on the go, it’s no surprise that many of us suffer from regular headaches. Lots of noise, stressful situations, too much time looking at our screens and unhealthy sleep patterns can all result in a pounding head. But did you know that air pollution can also cause headaches and migraines? According to research carried out by Harvard Medical School, the severity of a headache and how frequently
For the first time ever, a group of experts from the UK will be looking at the harmful effects of indoor air pollution on children and outlining what governments need to do to reduce risks. There have been numerous reports on the dangers of outdoor pollution for children that have led to policy changes all over the world. At this time, little has been done at government level to reduce air pollution inside our homes.
According to an article published in Politico Magazine, a source inside the Environmental Protection Agency claims the agency is deliberately sitting on a report warning of the dangers of formaldehyde. The report states that most Americans are inhaling enough formaldehyde vapors every day to cause leukemia and other cancers. Formaldehyde, a colorless strong smelling gas, is one of the most commonly used chemicals in the US. It is often used in pressed wood products such
Over the years there has been a huge amount of evidence linking air pollution to many diseases including heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, kidney disease and lung diseases such as asthma, emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). More recent studies have shown that exposure to air pollution can also lead to diabetes. Inflammation in the body, triggered by exposure to pollution, affects the pancreas’s ability to produce insulin. This leads to high levels of
If you are concerned about the air quality in your home, you may have considered buying an ozone generator. They work by producing ozone that reacts with organic material such as odors or smoke and reverts back to oxygen. However there’s a catch… in fact there are a few. The chemical reaction that turns pollutants into oxygen may take several days, or even months. If and when the reaction occurs, it can produce a number
As the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii continues to erupt, air quality concerns in the region grow. Officially the most violent eruption in the US since 1980, the Kilauea Volcano continues to release gas and ash into the surrounding areas. Thankfully, at the time of writing, there have been no fatalities but the health of local residents is of increasing concern. According to the experts toxic gas emissions in the area have doubled over the last