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Last week Wednesday I landed at Sacramento airport in California for a long visit with a friend in Mokelumne Hill, about ninety minutes south of the state capital. On our way to Calaveras County (famous for its jumping frogs), my friend received a message from a neighbor to let her know that a wildfire had broken out nearby and the electricity had gone out. We turned the radio to the local AM station to get
Its winter, and if the weather is freezing where you live – the last thing we want to do is open all the windows and doors. But if you want to keep the air inside your home clean and fresh during the colder months, that’s exactly what you need to do from time to time. A lack of ventilation can lead to moisture build up inside the home, which can lead to damp and mold
Do you have asthma? Do you suffer from the occasional migraine? If the answer is yes to both those questions, you may want to check out the latest findings published in the journal ‘Headache’, a publication of the American Headache Society, because you may be at risk of having more migraines. The study, titled Asthma is a risk factor for new onset chronic migraine: Results from the American migraine prevalence and prevention study, was a
The importance of clean air may seem like a no-brainer – the oxygen we breathe reaches every single part of the body and pure, fresh air genuinely feels better. Beyond the physical benefits, it now appears clean may also help our brains to function at their best. Researchers from Harvard recently conducted a study to look at the differences, if any, between the cognitive abilities of those working in conventional office spaces with “tight envelopes
Time moves quickly – it’s almost hard to believe that exactly 365 days ago we were writing to you about how to stay safe while celebrating the New Year – and it’s important to take a moment and reflect on the past year before we move into 2016. Here at Austin Air we have had a great year and it wouldn’t have been possible without our employees, our dealers, and all of our great customers.
Have you been debating if you should get a dog? We all know they take up a huge amount of time and energy. Or maybe potential damage to your home (or shoe collection) is deterring you from picking up a puppy? But if you have gone through all the pros and cons and are still undecided, the latest research from Sweden may give you that final nudge you need to say yes – especially if