Indoor Air Pollution Just as Dangerous as Outdoor Pollution

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For the first time ever, a group of experts from the UK will be looking at the harmful effects of indoor air pollution on children and outlining what governments need to do to reduce risks. There have been numerous reports on the dangers of outdoor pollution for children that have led to policy changes all over the world. At this time, little has been done at government level to reduce air pollution inside our homes.

According to a study in Europe; 9000 healthy people are dying prematurely every year due to indoor air pollution. As we try to keep energy costs down, our homes are increasingly well insulated. Sealing our homes in this way means indoor air pollution is trapped inside. Children spend 80% of their time indoors and as their lungs are still developing – they are at significant risk.

The team will be looking at ways governments can reduce this risk by changing ventilation systems, using air filtration systems and keeping indoor air pollution to a minimum.

As one expert puts it “Indoor air pollution needs to be taken as seriously as outdoor pollution.”

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