Are you ready to send your children back to school?

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As the CDC publishes it guidance on the reopening of schools, many parents will be feeling nervous about sending their children back to school at the end of the summer.

There is no doubt, school is an integral part of a child’s life. Not only is it place where children learn academically and socially, schools and teachers also provide services that are essential to a child’s wellbeing. Particularly those children from low income families and children at risk of violence and abuse.

Is it safe?

So the question we’re all asking. Is it safe for children to return to school in a few weeks time? According to the CDC, school aged children are a low risk group when it comes to Covid-19. Young people are far less likely to suffer the serious symptoms of the virus and death rates for this age group are much lower than adults. And according to contact tracing data from Europe and Australia, the risk of students transmitting the virus to others in a school setting is low. Evidence suggests it is household contact that has the highest risk of transmission.

Its what’s in the air that matters

Schools will be doing all they can to ensure students keep their distance and maintain good hygiene practices. But will this be enough? Emerging evidence shows the main method of transmission for Covid-19 is airborne. Tiny particles of the virus are aerosolized when an infected person coughs, sneezes or even talks. These aerosolized droplets have the ability to travel significant distances and can remain suspended in the air, long after the infected person has left the room.

High viral load linked to severe symptoms

There is also evidence to suggest the number of viral particles a person comes into contact with, determines how sick they become. Being exposed to a high viral load can overwhelm our immune system and increase our chances of severe illness.

Austin Air Purifiers remove 95% of airborne viruses

All our units use Medical Grade HEPA, so will remove 95% of all airborne viruses that are 0.1 and larger. The COVID-19 virus is larger than this, so we are confident our air purifiers are effectively removing the vast majority of the virus when it is airborne.

Some of our models also use a HEGA Carbon Cloth. Originally developed by the British Military, HEGA offers an extra level of protection against airborne viruses.*

Peace of mind with Austin Air

We have been working with a number of schools looking to go that extra mile, to do all they can to keep staff and children safe. Running an Austin in each classroom gives them the peace of mind they need in challenging times.

Clean air in the classroom helps to improve test scores

We have known for some time that pollutants in the classroom can seriously disrupt a child’s ability to learn. In January 2016, a number of air purifiers were installed in classrooms close to the site of the Aliso Canyon gas leak in California, to help clean up the air after the disaster. However, by the time the air purifiers arrived, the extra pollution from the gas leak had already disappeared. Despite this, the air purifiers were installed, with the aim of cleaning up the everyday pollutants found in schools. Within just a few months of children breathing clean air, test results in Math and English improved significantly, in the same way that they would if class sizes were reduced by a third.

We’re on a mission to clean up classrooms

Clean air in the classroom is something we really care about. So when we were approached by the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, to help clean up the air for children in schools in the East Boston area, we jumped at the chance. Working alongside the Franklin W. Olin College, the East Boston Social Centers, AIRInc and Blue Cross Shield, we have installed a number of air cleaners in classrooms and social centers across the area. You can read more about our partnership here.

Our recommendation

If COVID-19 is your main concern, for ultimate protection, we recommend the Austin Air Bedroom Machine. Using Medical Grade HEPA and Military Grade HEGA Carbon Cloth, the Austin Air Bedroom Machine is our most comprehensive unit.

You may also want to consider the Austin Air HealthMate and the HealthMate Plus. Both models use HEPA technology and are highly effective at removing airborne viruses and bacteria as well as other airborne allergens. The carbon blend in the HealthMate Plus model is also unrivalled in its ability to remove chemicals and VOC’s.

We are currently offering great deals for schools and other institutions looking to place a large order. For more info please contact us on 1-800-724-8403. We’d be happy to help!!


*Austin Air Purifiers will remove viruses from the air. However, air purifiers do not offer complete protection against Covid-19. Until a vaccine is available, it is important that we continue to practice social distancing, regularly wash our hands and wear a face covering when appropriate. For more info on current guidelines follow this link.