Scientific air quality study moves to next phase!

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We have some exciting news to share this week!! Austin Air Purifiers have been chosen to take part in another study. This time we will be working with the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, the East Boston Social Centers, AIRInc and Blue Cross Blue Shield, as they use a number of Austin Air HealthMates to improve air quality near to the airport in East Boston.

Air and noise pollution have been a major concern in East Boston for some time now, due to the close proximity of Logan Airport. The team from Olin College of Engineering are looking at new and innovative ways to develop community-owned air quality monitoring networks. Last year, in the first phase of the study, the team installed a number of air quality sensors in East Boston. This will help to give local residents accurate, actionable data that relates to air quality where they live.

As the study enters its second phase, the team from Olin aim to raise awareness about the dangers of outdoor pollution and how it infiltrates the indoor environment, while improving access to strategies for safeguarding indoor air. That’s where we come in. Our HealthMate Air Purifiers will be used in 50 homes, 95 classrooms, and the East Boston Social Centers.

According to Dr. Scott P. Hersey, Director of SCOPE and Assistant Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at Olin, Austin Air Purifiers were just one of many air purifiers considered for the trial. There were a number of factors that influenced Scott and his team’s decision to select Austin Air. Our units are easy to use, durable, have a long filter life and his team’s tests indicate that they’re extremely effective at removing both VOCs and ultrafine particles.

Here at Austin our involvement with clinical trials started back in 2001, when we were selected by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the country’s number one children’s hospital, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, to take part in a clinical trial. The success of this trial paved the way for others. In 2009 we were approached by the renowned John Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore and went on to conduct a number of studies with the university.

Being part of this latest study once again gives us the opportunity to prove that running an Austin Air Purifier will effectively remove dangerous particles from indoors.

You can learn more about our involvement in clinical trials by following the links to each here

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