We’ve been making dangerous air safe to breathe for 30 years!

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For 30 years, Austin Air has been the world’s leading HEPA air purifier manufacturer.

We outperformed all other air purifiers in government tests

In 2000, the Austin Air HealthMate™ was tested alongside more than 100 other air purifiers, as part of US Government research at Battelle Laboratories, Aberdeen, MD. Our Air Purifiers outperformed all other models and were selected by the Government as it prepared to destroy its stockpile of chemical weapons.

Number one choice in times of crisis

Working with the US Government in 2000 led to our work with FEMA and the American Red Cross during some of America’s most difficult times, including 9-11, Hurricane Katrina; Hurricane Sandy, the 2015 SoCal gas leak and in recent years, as we experienced the worst wildfires on record.

Today, as we face unprecedented challenges with Covid-19, the World Health Organization, the Department of Defense and the Center for Disease Control, are again recommending the use of HEPA filtration to protect the American people.

Indoor public spaces are high risk

The threat of Covid-19 makes any indoor public space, a high risk. Particularly at this time of year, when opening a window or door is just not possible. If you’re spending time with others indoors, perhaps at the office or at the gym, you are at increased risk of becoming infected. Which is why government agencies and organizations such as the WHO are recommending the use of HEPA filtration.

HEPA is the answer

When it comes to air filtration, HEPA is the gold standard. Its ability to remove a wide range of pollutants from the air, including dust, dander, pollen, mold spores, allergens, bacteria and viruses, makes it the number one choice for the government and the WHO.

Looking to the future

Vaccine delays and a new, more contagious strain of the virus means the end of this pandemic is still a long way off. As we try to live alongside Covid-19, effective air filtration, masks and keeping our distance are the only way we can protect ourselves and minimize the risk of infection.

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