Third Hand Smoke, It’s a Thing.

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The dangers of being around someone who is smoking are well documented. Second hand smoke carries all the same dangers as smoking a cigarette. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) there are around 7000 chemicals in second hand smoke, hundreds are toxic and around 70 cause cancer. Perhaps most alarming, young children, with under developed lungs are the most at risk group.

However according to new findings, we don’t even have to be near a cigarette to be in danger. Scientists now realise there are just as many risks from THIRD hand smoke. Nicotine and other chemicals can cling to indoor surfaces such as toys, curtains, bedding, carpets and walls, long after the cigarette has been put out. We are then exposed to the nicotine as we touch the surfaces or as the nicotine reacts with other airborne contaminants to produce off gases.

So what can we do? Surfaces and soft furnishings exposed to smoke need to be washed regularly. Simply airing out a room to get rid of the smell is not enough. Using an air cleaner with a high grade HEPA filter is the only way to effectively remove any nicotine or off gases that do escape into your home. For more on our range of medical grade HEPA air cleaners, please go to our Products page to find the air cleaner that’s right for you.