As one of the most important relief organizations in the United States, the American Red Cross comes to the aid of people in need during all kinds of disasters and emergencies on a routine basis. If a natural disaster or other emergency occurs, then the American Red Cross will surely step in to aid both rescue workers and civilians alike. Utilizing some of the most cutting edge equipment and sophisticated techniques available today, this incredible agency provides its priceless services in a dizzying array of situations.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the American Red Cross insists on having the most modern and efficient equipment at its disposal when it goes out to aid in disasters and other emergency situations. When you see footage of the relief efforts of agencies like the Red Cross, you will undoubtedly see its volunteers dressed in the best protective gear available; from head to toe, the relief workers are certain to be protected to the highest degree. The same goes for the medical supplies and the tools that the Red Cross uses; every single item used by this agency has to be grade-A to ensure that the best outcome occurs.

Perhaps one of the most famous – and tragic – disasters that the American Red Cross ever provided aid in was the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001. Particularly in New York City, where the Twin Towers had ultimately collapsed, sending up imposing plumes of dust and debris all over lower Manhattan, the American Red Cross pulled out all of the stops in order to save as many lives – and rescue as many people – as possible.

In addition to the usual, familiar emergency and medical supplies used by this agency on that terrible day, the hideous air pollution caused by the collapse of the World Trade Center necessitated more than just face masks. Air purifiers were needed to make the air as safe to breathe as quickly as possible. While there are many air purifiers on the market today, the American Red Cross chose Austin Air purifiers for this vitally important task. The largest single deployment of air purification units ever was issued by Austin Air on September 11th; their state of the art HEPA air purifiers stood up to the immense challenge of supporting the Red Cross with flying colors.

Austin Air uses some of the most modern, cutting edge technologies to provide the most efficient air purification available today. Their air purifiers utilize medical grade HEPA filters which can filter out incredibly small air pollutants and remove them from the air that you breathe. HEPA filters have been used since back in the 1940s, when scientists working on the Manhattan Project developed the technology to protect people from deadly radioactive particles.

Since being developed and commercialized during the 1950s, HEPA filters have been used and relied on for many air purification applications. The unique design of the HEPA filter allows it to trap particles as small as .3 micrometers in diameter. This specialized filter does not “sieve” or strain pollutants out of the air; rather, its fibers essentially attract and trap particulate matter into their accordion style folds. HEPA filters are excellent at what they do, and when used in air purifiers, they provide the absolute best means of obtaining clean air.

HEPA filters are excellent components of air purifiers; activated carbon filtration technology further improves their ability to trap contaminants from the air. Activated carbon filters use a special chemical reaction to trap vapors, gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and remove them from the indoor air. These components further enable Austin Air purifiers to work as efficiently as possible.

Added all together, the various components that make up the technology behind Austin Air purifiers make it very obvious why an agency as professional, skilled and world renowned as the American Red Cross would choose it for the important work that it does. On a day when the air was purely choked with hideous and lethal levels of debris from two 100-plus-storied skyscrapers, this rescue agency chose Austin air purifiers to handle the incredible load; you can rest assured,  that these HEPA air purifiers are simply the best that can be found anywhere.

For the health of your family, and to help relieve a slew of common ailments such as asthma, allergies and sinus problems, choose a technology that you can trust. look no further than the choice of the Red Cross.