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A few weeks ago we posted part one of our FAQ’s. This week, we’re posting part two. And if you still have a question, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re only a phone call, email or message away.

Q How long will my filter last?

Our filters are designed to last for up to 5 years under normal residential use, far longer than any other filter on the market.

Q Where should I place the unit for maximum effectiveness?

We always recommend that if you only have one unit, place it in the bedroom when you sleep. You can move the unit around the house during the day, but always ensure it is in the bedroom at night.

Q Where should I place it in the bedroom?

Your Austin Air Purifier can be placed anywhere in the bedroom, including corners, but must be at least four inches from the wall to give consistent effective results.

Q How much space does the air purifier effectively clean?

There are many factors that influence how much space a unit can clean. Corridors, ceiling height and the shape of a room can all affect air flow. As a general rule, we suggest using a standard size model for larger spaces and a junior size model for single rooms or small studio apartments.

Q What would cause a filter to fill up in less than 5 years?

Using the air purifier in an area with lots of pets, new carpeting, paint fumes, heavy smoking, urban pollution, etc. will diminish the filter’s life.

Q Does the unit produce any harmful substances?

No absolutely not. Austin Air Purifiers do not produce ozone, ions or negative ions.

Q Does the Austin Air purifier require any special maintenance?

Wipe the unit with a damp cloth when dusting your home and periodically vacuum the four sides of the outside screen with the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner. This is the only regular maintenance required for the air purifier.

Q How much electricity is required to run the standard air purifier?

Austin Air Purifiers use an ordinary 120 volt outlet. Maximum draw is about 147 watts on the high setting or 1 cent per hour, average cost.

Q Is the air purifier noisy to operate?

Depending on the fan setting used, the noise level ranges from less than 50 to 66 decibels. The noise you hear is the fan as it circulates the air around the room. In order for an air purifier to be effective, it needs to push the clean air back into the room. Quiet air purifiers are not as effective as they don’t move the air. To clean a room quickly, we recommend the highest setting, after a short time the unit can be turned down to a lower setting. When on the lowest setting there is very little noise.

It is worth mentioning that ambient noise helps to block other noises and distractions that can interrupt sleep. Many of our customers find that after a short time, they can’t sleep unless their Austin is running.

Q Does the air purifier have any plastic parts?

The only plastic components in the air purifier are the fan blade, wheels or feet and the control dial on the front of the unit.

Q Why is there no indicator light, to signify the filter needs replacing?

Indicator lights only really indicate the length of time a unit has been used. This is not an accurate reflection of when to change the filter. If a unit is used in a heavily contaminated environment, the filter needs to be changed earlier than it would in a normal residential setting.

Q How did you determine that filters will last as long as 5 years? 

The quantity of Carbon, Zeolite and True Medical Grade HEPA used in our units, establishes the life of the filter.

Q What type of testing and approvals did your unit pass?

Austin Air products are CSA Approved.

Q How do you change the filter? Is it difficult to change?

It’s fairly easy to change the filter. You’ll need a large trash bag, work gloves, and a Philips screwdriver. See detailed instruction here.

Q Have you been involved in any clinical trials?

We have been involved in a number of clinical trials in recent years. Here’s a brief summary.

Published in the American Journal of Pediatrics, the study shows that when using and Austin Air Purifier in the bedroom, children with asthma can reduce hospital visits by nearly 20%.

Conducted by The University of Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, the study used our air purifiers to reduce levels of Nitrogen Dioxide in the home. The results showed a significant improvement in air quality.

Another study from Johns Hopkins University clearly demonstrates that running one of our units will effectively remove indoor pollutants from the home, including nicotine.

For more information on the clinical trials we have been involved in follow this link.

Q Have you ever supplied the US government?

Austin Air has worked on a number of projects involving the US government. In 2002, we worked with FEMA, as the US government prepared to destroy its stockpile of chemical weapons. Our air purifiers were placed in over 20,000 homes in the Anniston area, to protect residents in the event of a chemical disaster.

After 9-11 we worked with FEMA again, along with the American Red Cross, distributing air purifiers to the residents of NYC.

Austin Air has also worked closely with the EPA, providing air purifiers to many of their facilities.

We have also worked with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, installing our air purifiers in their medical facilities.

We also provide air purifiers to the many US Embassies across the world to help protect American citizens abroad.

Q Has Austin been used during natural disasters?

Austin Air provided nearly 10,000 air purifiers to the residents of Southern California during the Natural Gas leak at SoCal Gas in 2015.

Our air purifiers were also used during the cleanup operation, after Hurricane Sandy hit New York in 2012. We also provided air purifiers after Hurricane Katrina devastated Florida in 2005.

Climate change means wildfire season is lasting much longer. Bigger, faster, hotter fires are becoming the new norm. This has a huge impact on air quality for many parts of the country. Our HealthMate Plus™ is designed specifically to help people living in highly contaminated environments such as areas affected by forest fires.

Q Can Austin Air Purifiers be used if I am chemically sensitive 

The Austin Air Healthmate Plus™ was designed specifically for people with sensitivity to formaldehyde, a major concern for many with chemical sensitivities.

Q I would like to return my unit, what should I do?

If you purchased your unit less than 30 days ago, please call our customer service team on (800) 724-8403 to obtain your RA number. When you have this number, you will qualify for a refund and can ship your unit back to us.

Q There is a fault with my unit, what should I do?

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact our customer service team on (800) 724-8403. Please have the serial number of your unit ready