Less pollution means less asthma

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In recent months there has been much debate on global warming and the damage pollutants are causing to our planet. Making the findings of this latest study from the University of Southern California, particularly important.


The team set out to measure the health benefits of cleaning up the air, specifically for children with asthma. The research has been focused on Southern California, where much has been done in recent years to reduce smog and improve air quality.


So does clean air mean fewer cases of asthma? Quite simply, yes it does. Overall there was a distinct correlation between better air quality and better health. Particularly if levels of nitrogen dioxide were lower. Over a 20-year period, emission levels dropped by around 20%, which corresponded with a 20% drop in new cases of children’s asthma.


There is no real surprise that cleaner air means better health. But with the ongoing debate about how much the country should invest in lowering emissions, the timing of this latest report is crucial. Clean air really does mean better health, fact!!


If you’d like to read the study, it’s here.