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It seems a new trend in alternative therapy is growing in popularity. Remarkably, the treatment requires people to sit in a cave, built almost entirely from salt.   Therapeutic Salt Caves are starting to pop up in different parts of the country and they claim to help improve our respiratory health.   Salt has been used in healing for many thousands of years. In ancient Greece the physician Hippocrates recommended salt inhalation as a way
If you feel like your allergies are more intense and hanging around for longer this year, they probably are. According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, fall allergies that would normally disappear by the end of September, are set to continue into October.  So if you are thinking of investing in an air purifier now is the perfect time to do so. To find out more about our range of air purifiers
Buying an air purifier can be one of the best health decisions you can make.  Check out Austin Air’s top 5 things to think about during the shopping process: 1. Tested and Trusted Chose a brand that specializes in air purifiers. Depend on a company that has a long-standing reputation and offers multiple-year warranties on their machines. Their years of research and development will result in the cleanest, freshest air. Remember that an air purifier

September 22, 2014

HEPA Explained

The secret is out: HEPA is an acronym you need to know about. It stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air (purifier), and is an air filter unlike any you’ve experienced. It was developed under to filter nuclear hazards but is now available to bring fresh, clean air into your home. History of HEPA During the 1940s, in the midst of World War II the first atomic bomb was covertly developed, and so was the necessity to
According to the experts, asthma rates for children reach their peak 17 days after Labor Day. A number of factors are at play. Children are exposed to new viruses when they return to school, which can aggravate asthma symptoms. Ragweed, a common fall allergen, can be particularly problematic for asthmatics. And as children switch from playing outside in the summer months, to spending a lot more time indoors, this too can cause asthma symptoms to
After a long day at work, you want to come home to a healthy, happy home – breathe in clean air after a dirty commute, and escape seasonal germs and allergies. But the shocking reality is, the air outside can actually be cleaner than the air inside of your home! Our homes can harbor thousands of dust mites, allergens, viruses and bacteria, pet dander and microscopic pollutants that the cleanest amongst us cannot remove. In