As wildfires rage, one customer shares her story

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As the Decker wildfire in Colorado continues to blaze, one Austin Air customer tells us how her Austin Air HealthMate Plus keeps the air in her home clean, safe and smoke free.

‘’We are very thankful for our heavy duty Austin Air Healthmate Plus air purifiers. There was a HUGE cloud – of what was probably smoke – after sunset last night. Just about covered the entire sky overhead. BUT we did not smell any smoke inside our “Glass Bubble.” …..when I stepped outside around sunset, 2 nights in a row, the smell of smoke drove me inside last week. BUT the air inside our “Glass Bubble” was pure and clean. Not one single scent of smoke!!!

 So, to make a long story short… BOTTOM LINE: The Austin Air Healthmate Plus air purifiers are keeping us safe. Feel like we are breathing pure Alpine or Himalayan air!!!’’

At the time of writing the Decker fire has reached over 6000 acres and is only 5% contained. Many local residents have been advised to evacuate their homes, and roads close to the fire have been closed. The fire has been burning for a number of weeks, but recent high winds and low humidity have turned the fire into a blazing inferno.

Are you affected by smoke from wildfires? In independent tests, Austin Air purifiers were found to be the only air purifiers effective at removing VOC’s and chemicals. For more information on our ‘recommended for wildfires’ HealthMate Plus, please visit our products page here.