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Bootstrap Case
As we head into winter and colder weather, asthmatics will often find their symptoms are more severe due to a combination of cold temperatures and rhinoviruses (RVs) also known as the cause of the common cold. For many of us, 7 to 10 days of coughing is just something we have to live with in the colder months. But for people with asthma, colds can often cause an infection like pneumonia or worse – prompt

November 28, 2014

COPD and Smoking

Welcome back to our series for National COPD Awareness Month. Today we’re going to take a deeper look at what COPD is and discuss a key method for preventing it. As previously discussed, COPD sufferers regularly experience wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath. In fact, some COPD sufferers report difficulty breathing during extremely basic and typically non-taxing activities such as putting on sunscreen. There are two general complimentary causes for COPD – the breakdown of
Like any other family, Austin Air has certain traditions which we hold dear. There is the usual, like cake in office for someone’s birthday, but one of our favorites takes place as the weather turns cold and Americans take the time to get together to celebrate with those they love in order to give thanks, eat and drink. Before the family feasts and Black Friday, Austin Air employees take part in the Annual Pre-Thanksgiving Company

November 20, 2014

Snowvember in Buffalo

Austin Air is very proud to have our manufacturing facility and offices based in Buffalo, NY. Not only is it our pleasure to provide a high-quality product that is made in the USA, it’s also our pleasure to do so in a place nicknamed “The City of Good Neighbors”. And there is no better time to see Buffalonians living up to this than during inclement weather – something we’ve gotten more than our fair share
Hitting the news hard this month, the results of a study from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston. Scientists believe that living near to a busy road can increases a woman’s risk of suffering a fatal cardiac arrest in the same way that smoking, obesity and diet can. And it seems you don’t have to live right next to a major road to be at risk either. The team found

November 11, 2014

COPD: Post-Diagnosis

As part of our November series helping to promote COPD Awareness Month, this article takes a look at what to do post-diagnosis. So you or someone you love has been diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and formal treatment with a medical professional has begun. What is next? The need to avoid outdoor pollutants such as exhaust fumes and pollution from manufacturing is often emphasized but it’s the pollution inside our homes that can cause the