Keep your home pollution free this Christmas

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It’s that special time of year, the holiday season is upon us!! It’s time to decorate our homes and cook up a festive feast. So we’ve put together a few tips to help you stay healthy this holiday season.

The dangers of scented candles

Christmas is a time to hang up the lights and stock up on scented candles. But for anyone with respiratory problems, you may want to think twice before lighting the Christmas candles this year.

Many mass-produced scented candles contain harmful VOC’s and chemicals, such as benzenes, that can cause drowsiness, dizziness, headaches, tremors and confusion. Benzenes have also been linked to cancers and fertility problems in women. In short, benzenes are bad and should be avoided at all times.

Safe alternatives and natural scents

So what can you do this Christmas to fill your home with festive scents, that won’t damage your health? The answer is SHOP WISELY. Many products that claim to be ‘natural’ often contain harmful ingredients. In a study carried out by the Natural Resources Defense Council, 14 different household air fresheners were tested. Remarkably nearly all products, even those advertised as ‘all natural’ or ‘unscented’, contained chemicals that are associated with hormone disruption and reproductive problems.

As a safe alternative, look out for nontoxic soy candles this Christmas. And if you’re looking to ditch the candles completely, there are lots of ways to naturally scent your home for that festive feel. Try using cinnamon sticks, citrus fruits, and cloves.

Stay safe in the kitchen this Christmas

Its at this time of year too, that we like to get creative in the kitchen. Basting, stuffing and broiling, to make a festive feast for family and friends. However, all that cooking can have a real impact on indoor air quality. A team from the University of Texas recently found that running the oven and burners on full for a few hours, has a significant impact on indoor air quality. At one point during the test, air quality was worse than it is in New Delhi in India, one of the worlds most polluted cities.

So, when things start to heat up in the kitchen, open a window or door to let some of that outside air in. Even if it’s cold outside, just keeping the window open for a few minutes can help to freshen up the air indoors.

And if you’d like to keep the air in your home free from ALL TYPES of indoor pollutants, you may want to consider investing in an Austin Air HealthMate Plus. Its carbon and True HEPA filter will keep the air in your home clean and safe this Christmas, and all year round.

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