Austin Air Systems has released a new toolkit that helps parents, guardians, and teachers advocate for cleaner air in their classrooms.

The toolkit (located at is a private educational portal for constituents. It informs parents and teachers of the funding opportunities available to acquire portable air cleaners for classrooms. It educates them on the major sources of indoor air pollution in schools, and how these toxins impact student performance, behavior, mood, focus, and overall health.

The toolkit also includes correspondence templates as well as videos and clinical studies that can be shared with school decision-makers.

If the school then deploys Austin Air purifiers because of a parent or teacher’s advocacy efforts, that parent or teacher could earn FREE air purifiers for their home, too. This is a massive opportunity for those with COPD, long-haul COVID-19, or asthma as indoor air pollution could trigger symptoms.

The toolkit also brings awareness to a condition that medical professionals are now calling Sick School Syndrome – where old and new school buildings are emitting harmful pollutants that are causing health issues in both students and staff.

Not only that, HEPA air purifiers are part of the CDC’s multi-layered approach to mitigating the transmission of COVID-19 and other airborne viruses. HEPA has proven to be 99.7% effective at capturing viral particles associated with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

That’s why Austin Air has delivered hundreds of thousands of portable HEPA air purifiers to schools across the country. The company’s clean air counselors have helped administrators navigate the process, from application to installation. Erie County and Albany County, both in New York State, recently used federal funding to purchase Austin Air purifiers for every one of its public, private, and charter school classrooms.

According to researchers with The American Academy of Pediatrics, the Austin Air Systems Healthmate Air Purifier has been proven to reduce children’s asthma symptoms and minimize visits to the emergency room. The University of Washington conducted a similar study that showed the same Austin Air purifier can help improve indoor air quality for children with asthma.

What’s more, Austin Air Systems is based in Buffalo with all units handcrafted out of the largest air cleaner manufacturing facility in the world. That means no supply chain issues. Austin Air has shipped its air purifiers in a timely fashion to more than 100 countries.

Schools can access information on government funding for air purifiers on Austin Air’s website.

Parents and teachers can sign up for the new toolkit at