Air pollution has become one of the world’s most significant environmental risks, making air purifiers more critical now than ever.1 The need for portable air purifiers has increased substantially between wildfires, chemical disasters, and increased pollen counts nationwide. But some wonder if they can afford this much-needed relief as the cost of groceries and utilities rise.  

We have good news! Austin Air is now offering payment and financing options for air purifiers!

Flexible Payment Options

If you’re not sure you want to pay in full right now, you can split the cost of your air purifier into multiple payments with Klarna or PayPal. Klarna is a service that provides shoppers with the opportunity to pay for products in installments. PayPal, the online financial service commonly used for sending and receiving money, also provides flexible financing options.

Eligible customers will have the option to pay in 4 interest-free payments or with 6, 12, 18, or 24 monthly payments. (Klarna and PayPal determine the payment terms.)

To check out your options, simply fill up your cart on as normal, input your shipping details, and then select either Klarna or PayPal for payment. (Pssssst – a savvy consumer might want to check out both to see what works best for their budget.)


1.)  Split Your Air Purifier Purchase Into 4 Payments

If you’re not sure you want to pay in full right now, you can split the cost of your air purifier into four interest-free payments with Klarna or PayPal. This convenient option ensures that you can start enjoying cleaner air without straining your budget.


2.)  Buy Now, Pay Later Air Purifiers

Start enjoying what you’ve ordered right away. Make low monthly payments for air purifiers online after purchasing the product with Klarna or PayPal! This flexible choice provides you with the immediate relief you need while allowing you to manage payments comfortably over 6, 12, 18, or 24 months. 

This option ensures that you can choose a time frame that fits your financial situation. Clean air is within reach with manageable monthly payments.


Insurance Coverage for Air Purifiers

If you have a breathing condition such as asthma, allergies, COPD, or long-haul Covid-19, you may be able to purchase your air purifier using FSA or HSA health insurance cards. Read our blog to learn more.

Benefit from Better Air Sooner

It’s never been more important to add air cleaners to ensure overall health and thanks to Austin Air’s affordable financing options, it’s never been easier to start. Prioritize the well-being of yourself and your loved ones by taking this important step toward healthier living.

Invest in your health and create a cleaner, safer environment in your home with Austin Air’s range of air purifiers. Don’t let financial concerns hold you back – clean air is just a click away!

Ready to breathe easier? Shop now for clean air today.





1 Vija Vijayan, V., Paramesh, H., Salvi, S., & Dalal, A. K. (2015). Enhancing indoor air quality –The air filter advantage. Lung India, 32(5), 473. DOI: 10.4103/0970-2113.164174