Dangers lurking in your baby’s bedroom

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This week, we take a look at air quality in your baby’s nursery, with tips on what to look out for and measures you can take to keep your little ones safe.

Why are children and babies at risk?

Babies and small children are particularly vulnerable when it comes to indoor air pollution. They breathe more rapidly than adults, so inhale more pollutants and their respiratory systems are still developing, which increases their vulnerability.

Modern homes trap pollutants inside

Did you know that pollution levels inside your home can be up to five times higher than they are outside? Highly efficient insulation and modern building techniques mean our homes are often sealed tight shut, with nowhere for pollutants to go.

What’s the source of pollution in your home?

Alarmingly, everyday items that we all have in our homes have a major impact on indoor air quality. Carpets, flooring, soft furnishings, cleaning products, furniture and insulation can all emit dangerous chemicals and VOC’s into the environment.

The dangers of VOC’s

In the short term, exposure to VOC’s causes headaches, as well as eye, nose and throat irritation. Long term exposure to VOC’s can lead to much more serious conditions, such as kidney and liver damage. According to the WHO, exposure to air pollution affects a child’s neurodevelopment and increases the risk of asthma and childhood cancer.

Tips to keep your nursery clean and safe

Don’t panic!! With a little planning, there are a number of things you can do to protect your baby and keep pollution levels to a minimum.

  • Always opt for non-toxic cleaning products. Here at Austin Air, we love Branch Basics. Their range of plant and mineral based cleaning products offer an effective way to clean your home, without the need for chemicals.
  • Look out for non-toxic or ‘low VOC’ products when remodeling, particularly when shopping for paints, flooring and ‘wood type’ furnishing. Ecos paints are a great non-toxic, no VOC option.
  • If you are looking for a safe, non-toxic mattress for your baby’s crib, we love the range of organic mattresses available at Pure Baby and Child.
  • And our friends over at Maple and Lark offer the perfect solution for stylish storage that is safe and non-toxic.

Austin Air voted number one for VOC’s by New York Times Wirecutter Magazine

In tests carried out by the New York Times Wirecutter Magazine, Austin Air was the only air purifier to effectively remove VOC’s from the environment. That’s because we use a combination of Medical Grade HEPA and up to 15lbs of activated carbon in all our air purifiers.

The Today Show confirms air purifiers help protect against Covid-19…but are they all the same?

Experts on The Today Show agree, air purifiers that use HEPA will help to protect against Covid-19, particularly when ventilation is difficult. But they are also quick to point out that choosing the right size air purifier for your space is vital. Opt for a unit that is designed for large spaces, like the Austin Air HealthMate Plus, to ensure maximum protection. Watch the video HERE.

Keep the air in your baby’s nursery clean and safe, with Austin Air!!

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