As we look back on 2022, we’re grateful to have had such an impact on so many communities and individuals. We couldn’t do it without the help of our partners and customers.

Let’s take a look back at 2022 together…

The Launch of Our New Athlete Division

In 2022 Austin Air partnered with professional sports teams to ensure their players had access to the best in clean air systems. Jordan Poyer, safety for the Buffalo Bills, provided Austin Air units to all his teammates in partnership with the Buffalo Bills organization

Austin Air became the proud clean-air partner of the Atlanta Falcons, the Indianapolis Colts, and other professional athletes—including Dylan Cozens of the Buffalo Sabres and Shane Bieber of the Cleveland Guardians. Cleaner air means enhanced performance, recovery, and health for our athletes.

“I felt an instant change as soon as I started running my Austin. You can literally feel how it cleans the air almost instantly. I wish I could take it everywhere”
-Dylan Cozens, Buffalo Sabres.

“I love my air purifier. It helps me breathe the best quality air. It helps with my sleeping and recovery, and I just love it so much. That’s the impact of Austin.”
-Jozy Altidore, U.S. Soccer National Team Legend.

“I have heard about Austin before but didn’t know how effective it was. After having a couple units in my house, I instantly noticed the difference in the air quality. I now can’t go back to breathing regular air.”
-Grover Stewart, Indianapolis Colts

Helping Schools and Daycares Across the Continent Reduce the Risk of COVID-19 in Classrooms

Austin Air made the front page of the Buffalo News, as we partnered with Erie County to put medical-grade HEPA air purifiers in 11,000 classrooms. Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz used ELC funds to purchase Austin Air purifiers, protecting students, faculty, and staff from airborne viruses and other toxins that can disrupt learning.

We were also featured in The Toronto News—as the Toronto District School Board deployed thousands more Austin Air units to schools across Ontario. We’re thankful that COVID-19 cases in Ontario began to decline as a result of the initial deployment, especially among 5- to 11-year-olds. 

Thousands of Austin Air purifiers were also deployed in schools and daycares in East Boston. Mothers Out Front East Boston, East Boston Social Centers, and Air Partners were awarded a $51,000 Clean Air Grant from the city of Boston to purchase Austin Air purifiers.

Why Austin Air? Out of all options on the market, Austin Air is the only clinically proven air purifier, with technology recommended by the CDC, EPA, and WHO.

“We asked, ‘What way can we make the classroom safe?’ … The purifiers have helped in all facets … Our people love them.”
-Dr. Rubie Harris, Assistant Superintendent for Business and Finance, Grand Island Central School District. 

“If you have these purifiers in your classroom and kids come in with the germs, you’re going to stop that from spreading in that whole classroom, which makes a difference to keep that number down.”
-Albany County Executive Dan McCoy.

Protecting People from Wildfire Smoke

California had over 7,400 wildfires in 2022. Austin Air is thrilled we could help protect people from the dangers of wildfire smoke, which can travel long distances and pollute homes.

“EXCELLENT filter which made it through the California wildfires smokes and kept the smoke out of the home. I’m grateful to Austin for doing a really great job.”
Norman Thompson

“I’m a functional medicine physician treating environmental illness. I purchased multiple units for my home and office… I live in Denver where wildfire smoke and other pollution are constant issues.”
-Janet E Settle MD PC 

Sponsoring Great Causes

We were proud to sponsor the Jordan Poyer Top Tracer Challenge, with proceeds going to the victims and families of the horrific shooting that took place in our Buffalo community in May.

We welcomed the chance to attend the 2022 National Autism Association Conference in Valley Forge, PA, so we could help raise awareness and increase our understanding of autism. 

We were happy to support the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research in Atlanta with Elisha Jarrett, mother of the Atlanta Falcons’ Grady Jarrett.

We were thrilled to sponsor the Jordan Poyer Celebrity Golf Tournament at Coral Ridge Country Club in Ft. Lauderdale, which benefitted Buffalo’s ECMC Hospital. At ECMC we also partnered with the Jordan Poyer Foundation, Avalon Sports, Mafia Babes, and Bills players to provide Thanksgiving dinner boxes to 210 dialysis patients and their families.

Austin Air and players from partner teams in the NFL delivered air purifiers to Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania and Buffalo!

About 170 kids received free eyeglasses during Von’s Vision Reveal Day!—AND got their picture taken with Von Miller from the Buffalo Bills. We were proud to sponsor an event so near and dear to us (air pollution can negatively impact eyesight)!

At the Trier Woods Senior Apartments, Austin Air and Tyrel Dodson from the Buffalo Bills teamed up to donate air purifiers for the community center to help protect these high-risk individuals. 

Cam Lewis, Tyrel Dodson, DJ Milk, and Billy Buffalo from the Bills made a surprise visit to East Aurora Middle School—the contest winner of a “See Air Differently” assembly sponsored by Austin Air on the importance of clean air and respiratory health.

These were just some of the many great causes Austin Air was privileged to support this year!

Austin Air Named Among Top 10 Infectious Disease Control Solutions Providers of 2022

From Medtech Outlook:

“Since the onset of the pandemic, numerous air cleaning companies have debuted with solutions designed to help protect vulnerable patients. But many fall short as they utilize ionizing, electronic, and PCO technologies that worsen indoor air quality and further jeopardize patients.

“Few have stood the test of time, like the global giant Austin Air Systems, which not only uses CDC, WHO, and EPA recommended technology but is also clinically proven to provide cleaner air…

“Austin Air has consistently been THE infection control solution for businesses, schools, and families looking to mitigate airborne transmission and stay safe during the recent pandemic.”


That’s the impact of Austin.

We’re proud to provide clean air to counties, businesses, homes, and school districts throughout the continent and beyond. We believe everyone deserves safe, healthy air. 

It’s been an incredible year for Austin Air, and we look forward to continuing our mission of providing clean air for years to come!

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