California & Texas Residents: if you have been affected by this, call us at 1-800-724-8403

The massive plumes of smoke spreading from the enormous fires in Southern California & Texas are causing respiratory distress in thousands of people. Wildfire smoke contains not only toxic chemicals but also tiny particles that can clog the respiratory systems of people and animals. These problems range from runny noses and burning eyes to more serious illnesses like bronchitis. Particulate exposure has even been linked to increased risks of heart attack and stroke. Worse, the chemicals in smoke are often poisonous and can cause lingering aftereffects.

What can you do? How can you protect yourself?

The most important thing to do is to reduce the amount of outdoor air you breathe.

Using an Austin Air cleaner in your home will greatly reduce the particles in the air, protecting your respiratory system. Austin Air uses True HEPA media to capture the microscopic particles that can damage your lungs. Austin Air’s filters also incorporate activated carbon to reduce chemicals and gases in the air: the larger the quantity of carbon in the filter, the greater a capacity for pollutants it has. For example, Austin Air’s Healthmate has 15 pounds of activated carbon, while the smaller HealthMate Jr. has 7 pounds of activated carbon.

Austin Air is doing everything we can to get units and replacement filters to those in need. If you have any questions or concerns or anything we can assist you with, visit us at or call 1-800-724-8403.

An Austin Air Customer in the Wildfire Region of California Reports:

[testimonial author=”Barbara J. Kiernan, Author Behind the School Wall “] If it wasn’t for the 4 Austin air purifiers that I use in my home, I would have been forced to drive out of the area. I have a disability that causes me to be EXTREMELY sensitive to chemicalsl/ smoke/ fragrances… and I have been locked in my bedroom since Sunday night. I am praying for everyone who is breathing the smoke. It is overwhelming!!! [/testimonial]

Surviving the California Wild Fires:

[testimonial author=”Louis C. Cullman, Esq.“] Thank you, we live less than 5 miles form the major infernos and while our home is safely ensconced from the blazes our lungs have been assaulted continuously for a week. Recently (over the last year) I purchased 3 model 200 Austin Air purifiers for our bed rooms. They have been life savors. The air out side is nearly toxic at times, but the air in our bed rooms remain clean, breathable and without even a trace of smoke or soot. I plan on purchasing a model 400 for our family room before the holidays. Your products live up the hype. (Although I imagine the life expectancy of our pre-filters and HEPAs have been shortened, but at least ours have not.) Sincerely, [/testimonial]