8 Tips to Create a Sleep Sanctuary

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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that upwards of 60 million Americans suffer from insomnia. Even more of us have occasional sleepless nights or suffer from other sleep disorders.

Reversing the trend can be done if you follow a few suggestions. Go to bed every night at the same time. Exercise during the day, eat healthy, and avoid using your bedroom as a place to watch tv. Keep the bedroom clean without clutter and use a comfortable mattress. Finally, recent studies suggest that it is important to maintaining fresh air using an air purifier. The National Sleep Foundation suggests the Bedroom Machine.

Create a sanctuary for sleep that is quite, relaxing and healthy.

Actions To Improve Sleep

  • Stick to a sleeping pattern that your body will anticipate. Try to retire at the same time every night and get 8 hours of sleep.
  • Keep your body active by going up stairs rather than taking the elevator. Walk as often as you can and do yoga exercises or gym workouts. Keeping your body toned and active during the day will facilitate a restful night.
  • Try to eat balanced foods that do not contain heavy fats. Make healthy choices. Try not to eat dinner past 6:00 pm at night.
  • Avoid working on the computer, watching tv and conducting other play or business activities. Keep the bedroom for the most important activity, sleep.
  • Turn you bedroom into a sanctuary. Keep the room clean and uncluttered. Always dust and vacuum. Remove dirty laundry, exercise equipment, book shelves full of books, computers and all other clutter.
  • Continue in the creation of you sanctuary by selecting pleasant wall and furnishing colors. Use curtains that keep sun and moonlight out. Use low glowing alarm clocks and if you play music, play relaxing calming varieties.
  • Find comfortable bedding. Your body may like firm or soft surfaces. Find the one that works for you.
  • Finally, recent studies indicate that your sanctuary should have the healthiest air you can create. Read the following. “The results of the recent Johns Hopkins study are important,” says Thomas Balkin, PhD, Chairman of the National Sleep Foundation’s Board of Directors. “The potential health benefits of improving bedroom air quality, particularly when people are reclining in bed, are often overlooked. Right now, the Bedroom Machine is being used in several studies to advance the science of sleep and air quality.”


Develop a long-term commitment to yourself. Maintain proper nutrition, regular exercise and get adequate sleep. Pamper yourself with a clean environment for sleeping. Invest in the ideal bedroom: your sleep sanctuary and special retreat. This place should be cozy, comfortable and conducive to relaxation and restorative sleep. Use a quality mattress and operate an air purifier to obtain your quantity sleep experience. Invest in the Austin Air Bedroom Machine. You will realize the rewards of your investment when you will wake up every day recharged.