Spring Showers, Mold Matters

Have you noticed a damp, musty smell or telltale black spots on your walls? Both are a sure sign that you have a mold problem in your home. And although

Indoor Air Quality Explained

When we think of air pollution, we often envision dirty vehicle emissions poisoning the air we breathe or power plants and the bellowing of toxic fumes out of their towering smokestacks. Sure, outdoor air pollution causes serious health risks to our society, but if you believe outdoor air pollution is the biggest air quality risk to human health, we need to have a talk about the air inside your home, office, gym, and other indoor spaces.

Removing Pet Odors, Allergens and Dander with Austin Air

Our pets fill our lives with joy and companionship; however, they also bring odors, allergens, and dander into our homes. Wondering which Austin Air Purifier is effective in reducing or eliminating pet allergies or dander allergies such as cat allergies and dog allergies? Click the link to read this archived post from Austin Air.