Scientists appeal to schools to choose HEPA air purifiers over ionizers

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In a bid to keep students and teachers safe, a number of scientists have come together to write an open letter to schools, asking them to beware of the electronic or ionizer air cleaners, currently being promoted as a solution for the removal of viral particles from the air.

Invest in the right air purifier for your school

Schools are doing all they can to keep staff and students safe, often with very little guidance. So this group of scientists believe it is their duty to inform schools of the pitfalls, when it comes to investing in the right kind of air filtration.

Some models can increase pollution levels in the classroom

Despite manufacturer claims that electronic devices remove particles from the air, this type of technology remains unproven. Not only are they a waste of valuable emergency Covid-19 aid dollars, but they may also be contributing to air pollution in the classroom. A number of independent studies show this type of technology can produce dangerous levels of chemicals, either directly or as a by-product of chemical reactions.

Some models produce ozone

Furthermore, some models have been proven to produce dangerous levels of ozone. And those that do comply with emission levels still produce some ozone. Which raises the question, is any level of ozone acceptable? Most experts would say no.

Experts call for ionizers to be removed from schools immediately

The group are strongly encouraging schools not to use electronic air cleaners. And if they have already been installed, they should be removed without delay, to avoid causing any more harm.

HEPA is the answer

The letter goes on to ask schools to invest in technology that removes contaminants from the air mechanically. Portable HEPA air purifiers, such as the Austin Air HealthMate Plus are a good example of this. Contaminated air passes through a Medical Grade HEPA filter, the clean, filtered air is then pushed back into the room, without releasing other contaminants into the environment.

Austin Air Purifiers are clinically proven to remove pollutants from the air

Over the years, we have worked with some of the country’s leading hospitals, including Johns Hopkins University, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and the University of Washington. Our involvement in four independent clinical trials has shown Austin Air Purifiers remove pollutants from the air safely and effectively.

If you would like more info on Austin Air Purifiers and what they can do to keep the air in your school clean, safe and free from contaminants, visit our SHOP page today.

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