Ready to start a family? Air pollution has a part to play

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Weight, exercise, age, smoking, alcohol and stress can all affect a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant. But there is increasing evidence to suggest the air we breathe can also affect our chances of having a healthy baby.

Scientists from Italy found that regular exposure to high levels of Particulate Matter (PM2.5) and Nitrogen Dioxide can affect a woman’s supply of eggs, making it significantly more difficult to conceive. And it’s not just women’s fertility levels that are affected. In a separate study, men exposed to exhaust fumes as part of their work, were far more likely to have poor quality sperm.

The dangers are also substantial during pregnancy too. In another study, this time from Finland, researchers found that a rise in levels of air pollution could increase the risk of still birth. And a team from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre found links between air pollution and preterm birth.

More and more we are hearing about the far-reaching effects of air pollution. It is well established that pollutants increase our risk of cancers, heart attacks, strokes and respiratory disease. But as we delve deeper into the dangers associated with air pollution, we realise it affects all aspects of our health.

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