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In 2018 wildfires in the US reached record levels. More destructive and more deadly, last year’s wave of ‘Super Fires’ had a huge impact on people’s health. It’s no surprise that visits to the ER soared, as people suffered with asthma and other respiratory problems. However, a new line of research suggests that exposure to wildfire smoke is far more menacing. Scientists found that children exposed to smoke from the Fresno fires of 2015, have
Just like humans, our feline friends can suffer from asthma too. And just like us, feline asthma occurs when cats are exposed to allergens in the environment, causing swelling, irritation and constriction of the airways. Cats generally develop asthma at around 4 to 5 years old, with females being slightly more vulnerable than males. And there is some evidence to suggest Siamese cats are more prone to asthma than other breeds. So what are the
As we head into summer, residents on the Florida Coast may be more than a little nervous about air quality in the region. Specifically, the dangerous toxins produced by the blue green algae, found in canals and waterways. Blooms of algae occur in areas where there are particularly high levels of nutrients such as phosphorous and nitrogen. High levels of nutrients can occur naturally, however pollutants from agricultural land, fertilizer and leaky septic tanks can
As soon as microscopic pollution particles gain entry into the body, they can literally affect every single organ. And it’s often a 2-pronged attack that causes irreversible damage. That’s the latest news reported in the medical journal CHEST. The primary mode of attack starts when ultrafine particulate matter (PM smaller than 0.1 micron in diameter) are inhaled into the lungs. Once inside the body, the tiny particles are so small, they pass through the lung’s
In recent months there has been much debate on global warming and the damage pollutants are causing to our planet. Making the findings of this latest study from the University of Southern California, particularly important.   The team set out to measure the health benefits of cleaning up the air, specifically for children with asthma. The research has been focused on Southern California, where much has been done in recent years to reduce smog and
Radon is a gas that occurs naturally as uranium and thorium break down in soil, rocks and water. Outdoors, Radon levels generally remain low, as it dissipates into the air. Nothing too sinister about that you might think. However, Radon is radioactive, and it can find its way into your home, seeping up from the soil, through the cracks and holes in your house foundations. According to the CDC, after smoking, Radon is the leading