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Keep your allergies and asthma in check this fall

We often associate allergies with spring time. Trees and grasses pollenate, causing endless misery for allergy sufferers. However, fall is ragweed season, and that brings its own set of problems for people with seasonal allergies. Allergy symptoms are very similar at both times of year. But fall can be particularly dangerous for people suffering from […]

‘Smoke Waves’ are here to stay

There has been more wildfire damage this year than any other on record. And the year’s not over yet. At the end of 2017 experts were calling it the worst year on record; however, it seems 2018 will top that. To some degree, fires are a natural part of a forest’s lifespan. Small fires help […]

Small steps to avoid a big problem

Toxic air… it is responsible for an increase in asthma, heart disease and strokes. It is linked to dementia, birth defects and certain cancers. It affects our ability to think clearly and can shorten our life span significantly. You may not be able to reduce pollution levels outdoors, but you can take the following simple […]

Air Pollution Linked to Dementia

We have talked recently about how high levels of air pollution can impact our brains. The results of a Chinese study found that air pollution affects our intelligence. In particular, verbal skills and math ability decline over time, if we are exposed to dirty air. In another study, this time from the University of London, […]

Air Pollution Linked to Kidney Damage

We know there is a long list of health problems caused by exposure to air pollution. From respiratory problems, to heart disease and certain types of cancer. Now scientists from the University of Michigan believe exposure to high levels of air pollution may also cause Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). The kidneys have many functions in […]

Survive the September asthma peak

According to the experts, asthma rates for children reach their peak 17 days after Labor Day. There are a number of factors that contribute to this rise. Children are exposed to new viruses when they return to school. Ragweed, a common fall allergen can be particularly problematic for asthmatics. Children switch from playing outside in […]

Air pollution dramatically reduces intelligence

It is well documented that exposure to air pollution can damage the brain as well as affect our respiratory health. In recent years UNICEF gathered data to show how air pollution is affecting brain development in babies and young children. Their report confirms that exposure to air pollution has a significant and damaging effect on […]

Air Pollution A Major Risk Factor For Premature Death

In a first of its kind study, scientists from the University of Texas have been looking at how exposure to high levels of air pollution can shorten our lives. Particulate Matter (PM) smaller than 2.5 microns can enter the lungs and leads to an increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, respiratory disease and cancer. The […]

Air pollution is dangerous for our pets too

There is a lot of information on poor indoor air quality and how it affects our health and the health of our families. But have you stopped to consider what poor indoor air quality could be doing to your pets? Dogs have over 300 million receptors in their nose compared to the 6 million we […]