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These days, consumers have more options than ever before when it comes to achieving optimal indoor air quality. There is a huge selection of air purifiers on the market today; while many of them are of excellent quality and design, many others fall dismally short of offering any real health benefits. Austin Air purifiers are one major exception, as Austin Air is a manufacturer that produces consistently excellent products. Indeed, if you are in the
When most people think about air purifiers, they think about the machines that are popularly used to remove airborne contaminants from the home. Thousands of people use HEPA air purifiers to improve their indoor air quality, and to take advantage of the many great health benefits that goes along with doing that. However, HEPA air filters were initially developed to remove radioactive particles from the air during the Manhattan Project in the 1940s. In recent
The leadership at Austin Air Purifiers is intimately acquainted with the suffering caused by respiratory distress and asthma. After watching helplessly while family members endured treatment after treatment, and searched for help from one physician after another, the Austin Air purifier became a reality. Austin Air researchers analyzed hospital strategies for maintaining clean rooms and respiratory isolation rooms, and created a medical grade HEPA air purifier that is effectively cleaning the air in homes around