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Last month a report was published claiming the air indoors is up to three times more polluted than the air outside. One of the big indoor polluters is Formaldehyde. A colorless, strong smelling gas that can be found in a variety of household items. Cosmetics, furnishings, particleboard, plywood, fiberboard, glues and adhesives, paper products and insulation can all contain Formaldehyde. These materials release the gas into the air, where it can easily be inhaled. Some
Weight, exercise, age, smoking, alcohol and stress can all affect a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant. But there is increasing evidence to suggest the air we breathe can also affect our chances of having a healthy baby. Scientists from Italy found that regular exposure to high levels of Particulate Matter (PM2.5) and Nitrogen Dioxide can affect a woman’s supply of eggs, making it significantly more difficult to conceive. And it’s not just women’s fertility levels
The statistics on air pollution are often staggering. 8 million premature deaths every year. And a reduction in life span of up to 2 years. However, there are many millions of people that don’t show up in this type of study. The study based on mortality rates and lifespan. But nonetheless, air pollution still has a huge impact on their quality of life and overall health. A recent study from China has linked air pollution

July 15, 2019


When was the last time you enjoyed a healthy, uninterrupted, peaceful night’s sleep? Can’t remember? You are not alone. According to the Center for Disease Control, 1 in 3 Americans are not getting the sleep they need. Sleep is vital. It’s as important as food and water. And when we don’t get enough, our health suffers. Sleep deficiency can lead to an increased risk of cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression,
In 2018 wildfires in the US reached record levels. More destructive and more deadly, last year’s wave of ‘Super Fires’ had a huge impact on people’s health. It’s no surprise that visits to the ER soared, as people suffered with asthma and other respiratory problems. However, a new line of research suggests that exposure to wildfire smoke is far more menacing. Scientists found that children exposed to smoke from the Fresno fires of 2015, have
Just like humans, our feline friends can suffer from asthma too. And just like us, feline asthma occurs when cats are exposed to allergens in the environment, causing swelling, irritation and constriction of the airways. Cats generally develop asthma at around 4 to 5 years old, with females being slightly more vulnerable than males. And there is some evidence to suggest Siamese cats are more prone to asthma than other breeds. So what are the