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California Wildfires cause problems across the US

We have been following the news on the California wildfires as they spread across the West coast, causing major disruption and health problems for local residents. According to the latest reports, the fallout from the fires will travel much further than originally thought, affecting the health of people living on the East coast too. Many […]

California Wildfires

Summertime, it’s dry, it’s hot, perfect conditions for wildfires. Right now there are more than 100 active wildfires across the country. At this time of year, even the smallest of things can start a fire. According to officials in Redding, Northern California, the current wildfire was caused by sparks from a flat tire that flew […]

Summer Ozone

Way up in the earth’s stratosphere, as far as 30 miles away, ultraviolet rays produced by the sun react with oxygen to produce what we refer to as the ozone layer. At this level the presence of ozone is crucial, its acts as a protective shield against the powerful UV rays coming from the sun. […]

Third Hand Smoke, It’s a Thing.

The dangers of being around someone who is smoking are well documented. Second hand smoke carries all the same dangers as smoking a cigarette. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) there are around 7000 chemicals in second hand smoke, hundreds are toxic and around 70 cause cancer. Perhaps most alarming, young […]

How Indoor Pollution Affects Women and Children

We know that indoor air pollution can be just as damaging to our health as the pollution on the street. It could be pollution from a cooking stove in Africa or a newly painted bedroom in the US, either way the health risks are the same. Globally, the groups most at risk are the same […]

Is the Air in Your Home Giving You a Headache?

With our busy lifestyles, rushing around and constantly on the go, it’s no surprise that many of us suffer from regular headaches. Lots of noise, stressful situations, too much time looking at our screens and unhealthy sleep patterns can all result in a pounding head. But did you know that air pollution can also cause […]