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Last March, the CBS show 60 Minutes ran a story about unsafe levels of formaldehyde in laminate flooring being sold by Lumber Liquidators. Specifically, it was laminate flooring that had been made in China which wasn’t safe. The story was dismissed by Lumber Liquidators, who stated that the accusations were being made by short sellers that would profit if the stock value of Lumber Liquidators dropped. The story on 60 Minutes presented evidence in the
500 Elk Street Buffalo,  NY 14210 (800) 724-8403   Dear Valued Dealer, I would personally like to thank every dealer in our network for the understanding and patience they have extended to everybody at Austin. The decision to divert a great deal of our production capacity to providing air purifiers to California was difficult but we believe necessary. The Aliso Canyon gas leak accident was unprecedented with 1,200,000 pounds of methane spewing into the atmosphere
Austin multi-purpose air purifiers were designated to protect the citizens of Porter Ranch and surrounding areas as SOCAL worked 24/7 to plug a gas leak that erupted on October 23, 2015 spewing 1200 tons of methane into the atmosphere every day. Although the gas leak emittted an offensive odor it is not believed to pose any long term health problems. However, a segment of the population with chemical sensitivities did experience symptoms which will for
Effects of HEPA Air Cleaners on Unscheduled (Asthma Related) Hospital Visits for Children Exposed to Secondhand Tobacco Smoke Today a staggering 24 million Americans suffer from asthma and nearly half of those are children. It is generally thought the main factors that contribute to asthma are a combination of genetics and our environment. Environmental factors include dust mites, pollution, pet dander, molds, chemicals and tobacco smoke. Medications such as inhalers and steroids are used in
As one of the most important relief organizations in the United States, the American Red Cross comes to the aid of people in need during all kinds of disasters and emergencies on a routine basis. If a natural disaster or other emergency occurs, then the American Red Cross will surely step in to aid both rescue workers and civilians alike. Utilizing some of the most cutting edge equipment and sophisticated techniques available today, this incredible
When most people think about air purifiers, they think about the machines that are popularly used to remove airborne contaminants from the home. Thousands of people use HEPA air purifiers to improve their indoor air quality, and to take advantage of the many great health benefits that goes along with doing that. However, HEPA air filters were initially developed to remove radioactive particles from the air during the Manhattan Project in the 1940s. In recent