Formaldehyde Vapors in Most American Homes

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According to an article published in Politico Magazine, a source inside the Environmental Protection Agency claims the agency is deliberately sitting on a report warning of the dangers of formaldehyde. The report states that most Americans are inhaling enough formaldehyde vapors every day to cause leukemia and other cancers.
Formaldehyde, a colorless strong smelling gas, is one of the most commonly used chemicals in the US. It is often used in pressed wood products such as particleboard and plywood. It can also be found in glues and adhesives, paper products and certain insulation materials. It is also used to make other chemicals. When the gas is dissolved in water it is known as formalin, a preservative, which can be found in some foods. Formalin is also used in personal care products such as cosmetics and antiseptics. In short, formaldehyde is everywhere.
If the EPA report were to go public, there is no doubt current guidelines would be tightened, perhaps certain products would even be banned. But despite the fact that the report was completed many months ago, it has not yet been released. According to critics, this is just another example of the EPA working to protect big business, rather than the health of the American people.
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