Covid relief funding

Bootstrap Case

Earlier this year, schools across the country worked to put safety measures in place, to protect students and teachers from the threat of Covid-19. But without clear guidance and bogus claims from many so-called air cleaning companies, a number of schools spent millions of dollars on air purifiers that could actually do more harm than good.

 And now an independent investigation into NYC Schools, reveals that a lobbying campaign, targeting a broad set of senior officials, including Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration, resulted in a number of ineffective, non-HEPA units being purchased at rock bottom prices.

 Here at Austin Air, we have been manufacturing Medical Grade HEPA and carbon air purifiers for more than 30 years. Our air purifiers are currently installed in more than 100,00 classrooms across the US and Canada. Using technology recommended by the EPA and the CDC, Austin Air provides the gold standard solution to keep students and teachers safe.

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