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Lauren McMillan

Lauren is the president of Austin Air. Through her efforts, Austin Air has shipped over 100,000 purifiers to school districts across North America—ensuring children benefit from cleaner air.

Michael Domon

Michael has worked personally with the County Executive, securing funding for schools and businesses in Erie County, New York. He’s been with Austin Air for over 20 years.

Dr. Lawton, MD.

Dr. Lawton is a physician consultant for Austin Air Systems. He has a long history with Austin and over 30 years of experience as a medical doctor in Family Medicine.

Stacy Malesiewski

Stacy is a certified health and wellness coach with a focus on environmental impacts committed to the education of children and adults regarding the importance of healthy air.

Maureen Robinson

Maureen has helped schools secure funding for over 25,000 air purifiers since May 2021. Her top priority is providing cleaner air for children.

Tim Thomas

Tim is intimately familiar with the funding process from his work as an auditor for Health Department grants and his time on the Board of Education. He’s been a CPA for 35 years.


Monica helps schools maintain healthy air for students, having worked in education outreach with the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Tools for Schools Program.


Deborah has been with Austin Air for 24 years as one of our financial specialists. With Deborah, you can rest easy knowing your account is in excellent hands.


Tanya is a customer support expert who loves building relationships. She works with Austin Air to enhance the way we communicate with our customers.

Sean Domon

Sean knows air purifiers from the inside out. With experience in both production and sales, he’s an all-around product expert.


Amy oversees all shipping operations for Austin Air. She’s a consummate pro at getting orders out the door and into schools and offices fast.


Madeline is a customer care specialist. She helps Austin Air deliver the perfect customer experience. With a listening ear, she’s there to make sure you’re well taken care of.


Tina is an expert at understanding customers’ concerns and helping them find the air purifiers that best suit their needs.


Jim is the warranty and returns pro. He’s seen it all, so you can be confident he’ll resolve any requests quickly and without hassle.