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California Wildfires cause problems across the US

We have been following the news on the California wildfires as they spread across the West coast, causing major disruption and health problems for local residents. According to the latest reports, the fallout from the fires will travel much further than originally thought, affecting the health of people living on the East coast too. Many […]

Forest fires still a major threat

We talked last month about the threat of forest fires during the summer months. Even now that threat is still very real for many people living in western Canada and the west coast of the USA. Many fires have been contained but there are still a significant number causing havoc. Large numbers of people have […]

Labor Day: A Summer Tradition with Deeper Roots

In Buffalo, the weather is still hot and humid but summer is coming to an end. All of the telltale signs are here. Some leaves have started to change color and school has started in most districts. If the big yellow busses weren’t enough of a sign – the big finale of the season, Labor […]

Air cleaners can help the heart

And lower blood pressure too Here at Austin, we know that having an air purifier in the home can improve a whole range of respiratory problems. They help to reduce night time allergy attacks, minimize coughing and sneezing and eliminate dry mouth and runny nose too. And it doesn’t stop there. Removing airborne allergens from […]

Survive the September Asthma Peak

According to the experts, asthma rates for children reach their peak 17 days after Labor Day. A number of factors are at play. Children are exposed to new viruses when they return to school, which can aggravate asthma symptoms. Ragweed, a common fall allergen, can be particularly problematic for asthmatics. And as children switch from […]

Austin Air Purifiers Trusted by FEMA and the Red Cross

It’s something we do all day, every day with very little thought: breathing. And, too often too little thought is given to the quality of what we are bringing into our bodies daily through our breath, through our lungs. But, as concerns over indoor pollution grow, air purifiers are becoming more popular and Austin Air […]

Air quality advice on wildfire smoke.

California & Texas Residents: if you have been affected by this, call us at 1-800-724-8403 The massive plumes of smoke spreading from the enormous fires in Southern California & Texas are causing respiratory distress in thousands of people. Wildfire smoke contains not only toxic chemicals but also tiny particles that can clog the respiratory systems […]

What is the Best Smoke Air Purifier? The HealthMate Plus.

The HealthMate Plus Removes Lingering Cigarette Smoke Gases and Odors Cigarette second hand smoke doesn’t only affect your life, it affects the lives of everyone around you who may inhale the smoke gases. Some experts believe second-hand exposure dangers may be worse than for those that actually smoke. In addition to the smoke, there is also the […]

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and The HealthMate Plus

Estimates suggest that 2%-10% of people suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity ( MCS). The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has reported that up to one-third of people in the workplace claim to be sensitive to chemicals in the air. Our indoor air quality appears to be worsening with the introduction of untested chemicals being introduced into […]