California Wildfires

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Summertime, it’s dry, it’s hot, perfect conditions for wildfires. Right now there are more than 100 active wildfires across the country. At this time of year, even the smallest of things can start a fire. According to officials in Redding, Northern California, the current wildfire was caused by sparks from a flat tire that flew into the surrounding area. The result is a fire that spread 180 miles and destroyed more than 1000 structures.

And it doesn’t stop at fire damage. Air pollution is a major problem for many people at this time of year too. Strong winds can carry pollution great distances, affecting residents living miles from the fire site. It’s worth noting that simply smelling for smoke in the air is not enough. Smoke particles can’t always be detected by the human nose and many chemicals that pollute the air have no odor at all.
If you’re concerned about air quality in your area this summer, check out the website for local air quality conditions. If air quality is poor, stay inside with the windows and doors closed. For maximum protection you may want to consider investing in an air cleaner, check out our range of products here to find the air cleaner that’s right for you.