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Best air purifier for allergies

With so many different air purifiers to choose from, deciding on the right air purifier for allergies can be confusing. The Austin Air Allergy Machine® was developed specifically for people with allergies. Its unique design, with increased air flow, ensures it filters allergens from the air immediately. Bringing instant relief for anyone suffering from an allergy attack. How does it work? First let’s take a look at the filter. The Austin Air Allergy Machine® has […]

The dangers of indoor pollutants for our children

Extensive research from the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) and the Royal College of Physicians in the UK, finds poor indoor air quality is having a huge impact on children’s health. Everyday items are to blame They looked at data from 221 studies and found that everyday items in homes and schools are causing a wide range of diseases, including asthma, respiratory infections, low birth weight, pneumonia, eczema and atopic dermatitis, hyperactivity, […]

Health benefits of clean air are immediate

When pollutants are removed from the air, our health improves right away. That’s the latest from a team of scientists at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Cutting pollution makes a difference The team looked at various scenarios where pollution levels went from high to low in a very short period of time. This included the 2004 smoking ban in Ireland, traffic restrictions in Atlanta on the run up to the 1996 Olympic Games and […]

Our bones, our memory, our performance at school. Air pollution affects us all

In recent months, there has been a steady stream of new studies published. All illustrating the different ways pollution can affect our health. Here’s a summary of what’s new.   Pollution may weaken our bones Scientists from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health believe they have found a link between exposure to pollutants and decreased bone density. The more pollution a person is exposed to, the weaker their bones become. We often associate weak bones […]

Clean air in the classroom dramatically improves test scores

Running an air purifier in the classroom improves performance in the same way that cutting class size by 30% does. That’s according to the latest findings from Michael Gilraine at the Annenberg Institute, Brown University Cleaning up the air after the Aliso Canyon gas leak In January 2016, a number of air purifiers were installed in classrooms, close to the site of the Aliso Canyon gas leak in California. The aim was to clean up […]

The IAQA Annual Meeting 2020, West Palm Beach, Florida

The Indoor Air Quality Association Inc. (IAQA) will be hosting its annual Air Quality Meeting and Expo this month from the 19th to 21st at the Palm Beach County Convention Center, West Palm Beach Florida. Keep up to date with the latest indoor air quality tech The event is a great opportunity for Indoor Air Quality Professionals, Contractors and Consultants to network and keep up to date on the latest technology available, including new ways […]