We’re excited to announce our latest clean air partnership. As the Clean Air Provider of the Indianapolis Colts, Austin Air is placing its flagship portable air purifier, the HealthMate, throughout Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center. The HealthMate purifiers, clinically proven to remove pollutants, will be installed in areas designated by the Colts’ football operations department.

“Health and safety of our players and staff are of utmost importance to us, so the Colts are excited to partner with Austin Air to place Austin Air systems in key areas of the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center, especially in open areas and where larger numbers of team employees are gathered,” said Troy Glendenning, Director of Colts Facilities and Grounds. “We believe our partnership with Austin Air will help ensure top air quality and optimal team performance.”

“We’re excited that this partnership will contribute not only to the Colts organization but also to the students and families of Indianapolis,” said Austin Air Systems president Lauren McMillan. “You don’t have to be a world-class athlete to realize the benefits of clean air. We’re bringing that message to this community — and helping their hometown team perform their best in the process.”

The Colts Community Philosophy “Entertain, Inspire, and Unite”

According to the Colts, their mission is to entertain, inspire and unite fans and people throughout their city, state, and beyond by winning the right way

Since arriving in Indianapolis in 1984, the Colts have reached the NFL postseason 19 times, winning 11 division titles, two AFC Championships, and Super Bowl XLI. In its 69-year history, the franchise has reached seven NFL championship games or Super Bowls, winning four, in 1958, 1959, 1970, and 2006. Off the field, the Colts are committed to improving the lives of their fellow Hoosiers by building a healthy, inclusive, and compassionate community through meaningful outreach, projects, and partnerships. The Colts also support current and former players by engaging with them in charitable efforts, helping them leave a legacy of service to the community.

Our Work with the Colts Mascot “Blue”

Additionally, Austin Air is collaborating on “Choose Love,” a school assembly hosted by Colts mascot, Blue, that will be shown in at least 18 area middle schools and high schools.

The assembly will focus on the importance of choosing love over judgment and bullying. The event will be hosted by Colt’s mascot Blue in local middle and high schools.

Blue will also participate in an upcoming Austin Air school assembly as well. This aims to educate students on the importance of clean air and respiratory health as a key component of a person’s overall health. The assembly will include interviews with doctors and professional athletes about the impacts of respiratory health on learning, physical performance and development, and mood. Students will also receive information on staying safe in a pandemic and the dangers of smoking and vaping.

Indianapolis Air Quality Remains a Community Challenge

The need to educate children on the dangers of air pollution is particularly necessary in Indianapolis, as according to the American Lung Association’s 2022 State of the Air report, Indianapolis ranks low nationally in terms of overall air quality.


According to Tiffany Nichols, advocacy director for the Lung Association,

The levels of particle pollution seen in the Indianapolis-Carmel-Muncie metropolitan area can harm the health of all of our residents, but particularly at risk are children, older adults, pregnant people, and those living with chronic disease.”



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