When it comes to athletic performance, oxygen intake and respiratory health are just as important as diet and weight training. So we’re excited to announce our latest ‘Clean Air Partner’, the Atlanta Falcons.

Improving respiratory health is something we live and breathe at Austin Air. So we work tirelessly to help partners like the Falcons stay at the top of their game with HEPA-purified air.

A Team That Leads the Way, Guaranteeing Clean Air for Players and Their Families

The Atlanta Falcons was purchased in 2002 by Home Depot co-founder Arthur M. Blank. As with all of Blank’s businesses, the Atlanta Falcons is built upon 6 core values.

Put People First – Listen and Respond – Include Everyone – Innovate Continuously – Lead by Example – Give Back to Others.

This innovative approach is a driving force in our partnership, as we bring clean air to the Falcon team members and their families.

Good Air Quality is a Vital Part of an Athletes Training Programme

Elite athletes, those looking to improve their performance and endurance, often work to improve their Vo2 Max. Vo2 Max is the term used to describe the volume of oxygen our bodies use during intense exercise. It also is an indication of how efficiently oxygen is extracted from the bloodstream and moved throughout the body.

Airborne contaminants can impact lung function and negatively affect an athlete’s Vo2 Max. (1) This is why clean air, free from contaminants is vital if athletes are to perform at their best.

Clean Air Providers of the Grady Gives Foundation

As well as providing Austin Air purifiers to the Atlanta Falcons team, we are also working with some of their star athletes. We’re proud to work with Grady Jarrett, Defensive End for the Atlanta Falcons, as he supports local charities in the Atlanta area through the Grady Gives Foundation. Grady’s mom, Elishia Jarrett (aka Momma Jarrett) heads up the foundation. She understood the importance of breathing well from a young age when she, too, was an athlete in high school.

I ran track and did volleyball, and it was a coach that helped me learn the importance of breathing correctly.

Austin Air is a Game Changer for Grady Jarrett

Grady was quick to point out that the benefits of running an Austin Air purifier were significant.

Austin has been a game-changer for me. Life changer for my family and we love it!… a great addition to my home.

Air Quality in Atlanta Gets an ‘F’ For Ozone

According to the American Lung Association, air quality in Atlanta has improved in recent years but there is still work to be done. According to June Deen, the director of advocacy for the Lung Association.

We are happy to see improvement, however, the presence of ozone and particle pollution can still harm the health of residents, particularly at risk are children, older adults, and people living with lung disease,”

According to the Lung Association’s “State of the Air” report, Atlanta has moved from the 33rd to the 35th most polluted city in the US, so although ozone and particle levels are on the decline, they are still too high to be rated as safe.

Your Bedroom Is the Most Dangerous Room in The House

Grady Jarrett and many other top athletes are using Austin Air purifiers in training facilities, recovery rooms, and at home, particularly in the bedroom where we are at our most vulnerable.

Why is the bedroom the most dangerous room in the house? The body’s respiratory system decreases by approximately 50% when we lie down. This makes it difficult for the lungs to filter out the numerous contaminants found in the bedroom, including dust from mattresses and bedding, as well as VOCs from furniture and flooring.


Effects of Exercise in Polluted Air on the Aerobic Power, Serum Lactate Level and Cell Blood Count of Active Individuals – PMC (nih.gov)